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The corona virus pandemic is weighing on us all now – personally and professionally. The LocWorld team is well and we hope you are, also.
Regarding LocWorld42 in Berlin, we are in negotiations with our conference venue, the InterContinental Berlin, and are forced to wait for further developments in Germany before we can make a definitive announcement. Meanwhile, we are investigating opportunities for a virtual and safely-distant way to get together, network and learn. We promise to let you know more as soon as we can. We ask for your patience and understanding.

Our Current Program Committee Members

Localization World is supported by high profile professionals in the language business from various geographical and industrial markets. The following members have helped to build very successful conferences:

Berlin Program: 2020

Anne-Marie Colliander Lind

Marketing Manager

Anne-Cécile Dousson-Lhéritier

Manager, Content Management

Bert Esselink

Strategic Accounts Director

Daniel Goldschmidt


Ulrich Henes


Tarja Karjalainen

Localization Specialist

Gary Lefman

Internationalization Architect
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Teresa Marshall

Vice President, Globalization & Localization

Markus Meisl

Manager, Translation Services

Danilo Monaco

General Manager Nordics

Donna Parrish


Martin Schneekloth

Product Manager, Configurability & Localization

Antonio Tejada

Language Solutions Director
Capita Translation and Interpreting

Richard Tunnicliffe

Head of Global Language Services

Marie-Laure Vinckx

Senior Executive

Peng Wang

University of Ottawa

Past Program Committee Members

Kuala Lumpur Program: 2019

Portugal Program: 2019

Silicon Valley Program: 2019

Game Global: 2018

Life Sciences: 2018

Process Innovation Challenge: 2018

Tokyo Program: 2018

Warsaw Program: 2018

Seattle Program: 2018

Shenzhen Program: 2017

Barcelona Program: 2017

Silicon Valley Program: 2017

Game Localization: 2017

Life Sciences: 2017

Game Localization: 2016

Life Sciences: 2016

Montreal Program: 2016

Dublin Program: 2016

Tokyo Program: 2016

Silicon Valley Program: 2015

Berlin Program: 2015

Attracting and Developing Talent: Berlin 2015

Shanghai Program: 2015

Attracting and Developing Talent: Shanghai 2015

Localization Processes Forum: 2015

  • Manal Amin
  • Sven Christian Andrä
    [/fusion_text](ONTRAM Inc.)
  • Françoise Bajon
    [/fusion_text](Version Internationale / ELIA)
  • Chanin Balance
  • Dana Barras Franco
    (previously with Welocalize)
  • Jacques Barreau
    (Warner Bros.)
  • Teddy Bengtsson
    (RoundTable Studio, Inc. – previously with Idea Factory Languages)
  • Renato Beninatto
    (Moravia – previously with Milengo Ltd.)
  • Christiane Bernier
    (Lionbridge / GALA)
  • Melissa Biggs
    (Informatica – previously with Oracle)
  • Kevin Bolen
    (Innosight – previously with Lionbridge)
  • Chris Boorman
    (Informatica – previously with SDL)
  • Kathleen Bostick
    (SDL – previously with Lionbridge)
  • Jonathan Bowring
  • Danica Brinton
  • Beat Buchmann
    (Credit Suisse AG)
  • Barbara Burbach
    (NetApp – previously with Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard)
  • Matthias Caesar
    (iLocIT – previously with Locatech)
  • Rocío Cava
    (Argos Translations – previously with SeproTec)
  • Sung Cho
    (previously with Lionbridge)
  • Karen Combe
  • Lou Cremers
    (Syn-Tactic – previously with Océ Technologies)
  • Arnaud Daix
    (Euroscript Luxembourg – previously with Hewlett-Packard)
  • Karin Delby
  • Joseph Dengler
    (NetVenture Europe – previously with LinguaNet)
  • Don DePalma
    (Common Sense Advisory)
  • Vic Dickson
    (Translia and Acosys – previously with Transco)
  • Kristin Dittrich-Kahl
    (Roche Diagnostics Ltd.)
  • Aaron Dun
    (Percussion Software – previously with Lionbridge)
  • Andreas Dürr
    (Brandmaker GmbH – previously with Across Systems GmbH)
  • Kate Edwards
    (Englobe Inc.)
  • Betsy Fallon (SDL)
  • Thomas Fenrich
    (salesforce.com – previously with Yahoo! Inc.)
  • Carrie Fischer
    (Bodybuilding.com – previously with Oracle)
  • Karen Fowlie
    (IBM Canada – previously with Cognos)
  • Roberto Ganzerli
    (Arancho Doc / ELIA)
  • Inna Geller
    (Geller Translation / Lean Sigma Green Belt)
  • Laurie Gerber
    (Syntes Language Group – previously with Language Weaver)
  • Daniel Gervais
    (MultiCorpora R&D Inc.)
  • Salvatore Giammarresi
  • Leonid Glazychev
    (Logrus International)
  • Nicolas Goh
    (Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd)
  • James Grealis
  • Andrew Bredenkamp
  • David Canek
  • David Canek
  • Eduardo D’Antonio
    (VMware, Inc.)
  • Allan Hall
  • Kim Harris
    (text & form GmbH / GALA)
  • Thomas Hecht
    (Siemens Healthcare)
  • Christina Helmke
  • Andres Heuberger
    (ForeignExchange Translations)
  • Carolyn Hickman
  • Alex Ho
    (Acronis International)
  • Fred Hollowood
  • Henry Huang
    (Pactera Technology International Limited)
  • Kaimeng Huang
    (Adobe Systems)
  • Jochen Hummel
    (ESTeam AB – previously with TRADOS)
  • Gordon Husbands
  • Sylvia Idström
    (Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications)
  • Ulrike Irmler
  • Richard Ishida
  • Aki Ito
    (TOIN Corporation)
  • Katerina Janku
  • Jeewon Kim
    (Oracle Corporation)
  • Carsten Kneip,
    (Microsoft – previously with Cisco Systems, Sinometrics)
  • Hui-May Koh
    (Autodesk Asia Pte Ltd)
  • Richard Korn
    (St. Jude Medical)
  • Wei-Tai Kwok
    (Suntech America – previously with Molecular, Ion Global)
  • Terry Lawlor
    (Confirmit – previously with SDL)
  • Rain Lau
  • Julio Leal
    (Ciena Corporation)
  • Fred Leierzapf
    (Philips Healthcare)
  • Rose Lockwood
    (LangTechNews – previously with TAUS)
  • Salome Lopez-Lavado
    (Sony Europe)
  • Nicholas McMahon
    (VIA – previously with Jonckers Translation & Engineering)
  • Michael Metzger
    (Apple, Inc. / Northern California Translators Association)
  • Dirk Meyer
    (Adobe Systems)
  • Peijing Mo
    (Palm, Inc.)
  • Göran Nordlund
    (previously with Maquet)
  • Minette Norman
  • Ultan Ó Broin
  • Tony O’Dowd
    (KantanMT – previously with Alchemy Software Development)
  • Michael Oettli
    (nlg GmbH)
  • Iris Orriss
  • Fayeq Oweis
  • Kenji Ozawa
    (Jonckers Translation & Engineering)
  • Véronique Özkaya
  • John Papaioannou
    (Bentley Systems)
  • Sergey Parievsky
  • Sergio Pelino
  • Donald Plumley
    (Elanex, Inc.)
  • Andrew Lawless
    (Rockant, Inc.)
  • Frank Lin
  • Maxim Lobanov
  • Gráinne Maycock
  • Conrad Pokorny
    (previously with Semantix)
  • André Purnot
    (Medtronic, Inc.)
  • Chris Pyne
  • Oleksandr Pysaryuk
    (Achievers Corp.)
  • Arturo Quintero
    (previously with Moravia)
  • Bettina Reichart
  • Peter Reynolds
    (Kilgray Translation Technologies – previously with Idiom, Inc., GALA)
  • Stephen Ryan
    (previously with Moravia)
  • Florian Sachse
    (SDL Passolo)
  • Isha Sahu
    (Braahmam Net Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Phanitanan Sanitprachakorn
    (EQHO Communications Ltd.)
  • Hajnalka Sarvari
  • René Savelsbergh
    (RSCS – previously with TOIN Corporation, Welocalize)
  • Rashmi Schaefers
  • Reinhard Schäler
    (The Rosetta Foundation – previously with LRC and TILP)
  • Anna Schlegel
  • Aaron Schliem
    (Glyph Language Services)
  • Loy Searle
  • Paula Shannon
  • Richard Sikes
    (TellSpec Inc., Localization Flow Technologies – previously with MultiCorpora R&D Inc.)
  • Nitish Singh
    (St. Louis University)
  • Don Sirena
    (General Motors)
  • Peter Smith
  • Peter Stumpf
    (STAR Group)
  • Bill Sullivan
  • Kirsten Sutton
    (SAP Labs Vancouver – previously with Business Objects)
  • Renée Sztabelski
    (previously with Hitext S.A., GALA)
  • Triin Tähema
  • Lew Tarnopol
    (Intel Corporation)
  • Lori Thicke
    (LexWorks / Translators without Borders)
  • Alison Toon
  • Elisa Tormes
    (Practical Marketing – previously with Tek Translation)
  • Francis Tsang
    (Adobe Systems)
  • Natalya Volkova
    (Kaspersky Lab)
  • Dennis Waltman
  • John Watkins
    (ENLASO Corporation)
  • James Wei
    (EC Innovations, Inc.)
  • Dion Wiggins
    (Asia Online Pte Ltd.)
  • Shirley Yeng
    (EC Innovations, Inc.)
  • Angelika Zerfaß
  • Jost Zetzsche
    (International Writers’ Group)
  • George Zhao
    (Boffin Language Group)
  • Sarah Zweir
    (Trek Bicycle)
  • Martin Guttinger
    (Yahoo! Inc. – previously with Cisco Systems)
  • Ghassan Haddad
  • Markus Meisl
  • María Gabriela Morales
    (Rosario Traducciones y Servicios)
  • Antoine Rey
  • Uwe Stahlschmidt
  • Faiza Sultan
    (Translation4all, Inc.)