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Life Sciences Business Round Table

LocWorld36 Tokyo. April 3, 2018

In the world of translation and localization, the life sciences sector is different from any other industry because of the unique and specific nature of its requirements. With regulations changing on a continual basis, a premium is placed on quality above all else. For our Life Sciences Business Round Table in Silicon Valley on November 1, 2017, we are delighted to offer a stellar one-day program with a particular focus on the challenges of medical device localization. Life sciences professionals, clients and vendors will be presenting and sharing their thoughts and experiences on specific processes as well as the variety of requirements and challenges at work in the life sciences industry today.

Organizer: Clio Schils

Review of proposals:
All papers submitted will be reviewed and evaluated by the Life Sciences Business Round Table organizer and its associated advisory board.

Life science client speakers receive free registration on the preconference day. Vendor companies do not receive free registration.

Please submit your round table presentation proposal by clicking the button below to access the submission form (opens new window). Please complete the form and press the “submit” button. You will then see a confirmation when you scroll down. If you have any difficulties with the form, please contact Kris Wiegand to submit your proposal.



Proposal submission deadline: January 31, 2018
Life Sciences Business Round Table at LocWorld36 Tokyo: April 3, 2018