Call For Papers – Process Innovation Challenge – LocWorld38 Seattle 2018

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PIC Productions – Call for Innovators

Director: Jeff Kiser
Process Dragons: Yuka Nakasone, Kerstin Bier, Jonas Ryberg 

PIC is looking for process innovators to showcase their talents at LocWorld38 Seattle.

The Process Innovation Challenge is in its second season and is coming to LocWorld38 Seattle. 

Last year and this past spring around 65 proposals were submitted over four LocWorld editions and 19 innovators pitched their ideas on stage. Four winners (George Zhao, Tomas Franc, Gary Lefman, and Ola Persson), one for each PIC, took home the Innovator of the year award

We are seeking innovators for the Seattle event; out of the box thinkers, who don’t settle for the status quo, to submit their innovation. These innovations can be original ideas that were successfully applied to a localization process and improved daily operations or they could be new ways of using an older solution to solve a new problem. We welcome ideas to streamline a process and improve efficiency as well as left field ideas which could change our industry when provided with the right platform and support!

If you have an innovative process idea, the PIC your stage. Dazzle industry peers and colleagues with your ingenuity and land the prize as Innovator of the Year. 

Why the PIC? 

There is no doubt that there are many interesting innovations throughout the localization industry. The PIC is a platform to make them visible on an industry stage and demonstrate their potential. It is also an opportunity for innovators to rub shoulders with other innovators and network with like-minded industry peers.

For the audience of the PIC, it is a chance for them to get inspired by your innovations and for you to create some buzz and a following.

How does it work? 

For shortlisted innovators, the LocWorld stage will be yours for around 10 minutes. You propose your process innovation to the audience and a panel of process experts. You field questions and then the audience decides who is worthy.

How to get shortlisted? Submit your proposal below and show us how innovative your idea is. Maybe you solved something in a simple but out of the box way, maybe you applied an old approach to a new problem, or vice versa. Either way you decide what to propose and how you want to propose it — though we recommend this is also innovative; use videos and visuals if you wish, anything that gives us a good picture of your innovation. 

There is no restriction on the topic you choose. Though we recommend, the more interesting and relevant you can make it for the audience and current challenges or trends, the better the chance of success. Take a look at previous PIC events to see some examples: 

The following topics serve as a guideline only:

  • Digital transformation 
  • Continuous delivery
  • Deep learning 
  • Machine led innovation 
  • Innovative quality and user experience 
  • Disintermediation of process 
  • Business case innovation 
  • Personalization in digital marketing and new media 
  • How to improve productivity and win friends

What can you win?

The Process Innovation Challenge winner will be named the LocWorld Process Innovator for North America 2018 and will receive a trophy and appropriate prizes reflecting the challenge.

Organizers: Dave Ruane, Jeff Kiser 

Advisory board: Yuka Nakasone, Kerstin Bier, Jonas Ryberg


  • All papers submitted will be reviewed and evaluated by the PIC organizers and advisory board. 
  • The PIC is not an opportunity to demonstrate, advertise or sell a technology, solution or service. Overtly stated sales language will negatively impact results. Successful proposals are those that have shown good levels of innovation, easy application to various problems and clear benefits for stakeholders. 
  • You can submit a previous proposal if it was not shortlisted at a prior PIC. 
  •  If you have any difficulties with the submittal process, or questions please contact Kris Wiegand. Also send any visuals, imagery or videos to Kris. 


Proposal submission deadline: August 24, 2018
Notification of shortlisted proposals: September 7, 2018
Submission of your innovative idea: October 3, 2018
Conference: October 18-19, 2018