Process Innovation Challenge Call for Papers Open
for LocWorld49 Malmö

The Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) is entering its eighth season, and PIC #14 will occur at LocWorld49, in Malmö, Sweden on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. At a time of rapid flux in our industry, have you been working away on something cool, productive, or disruptive that you would like to share with peers? We say to all innovators, “Show us your latest innovations for a chance to win the Innovator of the Year Award!”

LocWorld is thrilled to bring the Process Innovation Challenge to Sweden for the first time next June! We are especially excited because Sweden was ranked the #1 country for innovation in the EU for 2022 by the European Commission and WIPO, the United Nations agency for intellectual property. Read more on The European Innovation Scorecard which was released on September 22, 2022, by visiting the link above.

Join us at PIC #14! The PIC is open to content publishers, industry supply companies, technologists, academia, and anyone else in the industry who has an innovative idea that can solve a localization or global content challenge. Your innovation could be a unique idea that was successfully applied to a localization process that improved operations, or it could be a new way of using something existing to solve a new problem, or it could be a new and cutting-edge technology innovation that brings real benefit to teams. If you have any one of these, share it with the localization community by submitting your proposal to the PIC.

We asked previous dragon and PIC supporter, Alessandra Binazzi, to share why we need innovations in this industry and why folks should take part in PIC #14: “The PIC is a fantastic platform for innovators to pitch their idea and learn how to form and deliver a tight pitch. We’ve been adding new features at every event and this time is no different. Expect even more benefits for innovators and more engagement for the audience.” More than 200 people attended and voted for the “Innovator of the Year Awards” for the PIC at LocWorld47 Berlin and again at LocWorld48 Silicon Valley in 2022.

Innovators do not need travel approval to submit and participate in the preliminary rounds of this edition of the Process Innovation Challenge. However, upon notification of qualifying for the final round, to be held in person in Malmö, Sweden on June 7th, innovators will need travel approval no later than May 8th, 2023, to be included as a finalist.

Finalists will be announced within one week after the preliminary rounds. If an innovator is unable to attend the final round, they may opt out of this event and forward their proposal for consideration at a future LocWorld.


LocWorld49 Malmö

Proposal submission deadline: March 20, 2023
Invitations to virtual session: March 31, 2023
Preliminary round: TBD April/May 2023
Final round: June 7, 2023 at LocWorld49 Malmö

The call for papers is open. Click here to submit your innovation now!


  • The preliminary round will be online and open to a public audience.
  • All papers submitted will be reviewed and evaluated by the PIC organizers and advisory board. No solicitation for proposals is permitted. All decisions made by the PIC board are final.
  • The PIC is not an opportunity to demonstrate, advertise, or sell a technology, solution, or service. Successful proposals are those that have shown good levels of innovation, ease of application to various problems, and clear benefits for stakeholders.
  • You can resubmit a prior PIC proposal if it was not previously shortlisted, or if you have adapted the innovation since pitching it before.
  • If you have any questions or difficulties with the submission process, please contact Alex Bernet.
  • Dates are indicative and may change at the discretion of the PIC advisory board.