Process Innovation Challenge — PIC #11

Localization Innovations Worth Sharing

This is a chance to showcase your innovation and challenge the localization industry to transform, and push boundaries. And you, innovators, are the leaders in this charge!

The Process Innovation Challenge is in its fifth season and the 11th running of the event is coming to LocWorldWide45, October 19-21, 2021.

The Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) is a platform for process and technology innovations which impact global content creation, localization, and distribution. Successful proposals will get the chance to pitch and graduate to the PIC stage at LocWorldWide45.

The PIC is open to content publishers, industry supply companies, technologists, academia, and anyone else in the industry who has made an innovative idea tangible and helpful to solve a challenge, or those who have an idea which is at a prototype stage. Innovations can be varied in the localization sector: it could be a unique idea that was successfully applied to a localization process which improved operations; or it could be a new way of using something existing to solve a new problem; or it could be a new and cutting-edge technology innovation in your product, workflow or part of a larger technology solution. If you have a technology or process innovation worth sharing, have a go and submit your proposal to the PIC today.

Recent PIC participants have pitched topics such as: how localization people help marketers improve global UX; how to deal with tagging in neural machine translation workflows; how to get language resources when you don’t have any; modularization rather than batching as a way forward for continuous workflows; and a new concept called iterative localization which is where the focus is more on consumer and user experience than localization processes.

There is really no restriction on the topic once it is related to the challenges in the localization and global content industry — basically you choose! Your proposal should explain what was innovative about your idea, what was the benefit of the innovation, and what and how could others apply it in similar or new use cases.

Why the PIC?

The PIC is a platform to promote and drive innovations and innovators in the localization industry. It gives innovators an opportunity to network with other innovators, get guidance from industry experts, and t share their innovative ideas to an industry audience. We are continually evolving the platform, in PIC #10 we brought back in the investor viewpoint which gave innovators an additional lens to the feedback, and we extended the Q&A time so innovators could really get into the nitty-gritty of their innovation.

How does it work?

You submit your entry. If successful you will be asked to join a virtual round. A shortlist from this round will then join the PIC final event, and the LocWorldWide stage will be yours to propose your innovation to the audience and a panel of experts (PIC dragons). When proposing your idea, we encourage you to be as innovative as you like. You can send videos, slides, or workflows along with your entry, anything which gets across how innovative and specific your idea is.




Proposal submission deadline: August 20, 2021
Notifications of invitation to virtual session: Sept 13, 2021
Preliminary Round: TBD
Final Round at Conference: October 20-21, 2021


  • The preliminary round will be online and open to a public audience.
  • All papers submitted will be reviewed and evaluated by the PIC organizers and the PIC advisory board. No solicitation for proposals is permitted. All decisions made by the PIC board are final.
  • The PIC is not an opportunity to demonstrate, advertise, or sell a technology, solution, or service. Successful proposals are those that have shown good levels of innovation, ease of application to various problems, and clear benefits for stakeholders.
  • You can resubmit a previous PIC proposal if it was not previously shortlisted or you have adapted the innovation since pitching it before.
  • If you have any questions or difficulties with the submittal process, please contact Kris Wiegand.
  • Dates are indicative and may change at the discretion of the PIC advisory board.