The Watinoma (Welcome) Association is a voluntary nonprofit organization that has been working on sustainable development since 2004, in particular in Burkina Faso. We strongly believe that enhancement, promotion, renewal in music and art, as well as traditional knowledge and cultural specificities can represent the engine to acquire consciousness, awareness, and skills – in other words, the keys to autonomous and responsible growth. Thanks to its constant relationship with the local people, Watinoma promotes solidarity campaigns that arise from specific requests in order to improve access to drinking water, health, and basic education, and works to maintain biodiversity and environmental sustainability. Through its labor camps, intercultural laboratories, and artistic activities, Watinoma fosters the relationship between people from the North and South of the world in an exchange perspective to show a different Africa, not only a carrier of needs, but a region full of energy, vitality, and determination. Watinoma has always been very active in promoting initiatives, participating in events and fairs, and collaborating with educational institutions in Italy and Burkina Faso. Through the support of its volunteers, it promotes fundraising campaigns for the implementation of solidarity projects and works in close collaboration with the Watinoma Association of Burkina Faso.  The motto of the Watinoma Association is “The well done is never lost.”