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In 2003 Ulrich Henes contacted Donna Parrish and suggested they hold an event for the localization industry…

The reasoning was sound: Ulrich founded The Localization Institute and Donna was publisher of MultiLingual magazine. Together they had strong interests in seeing the industry thrive, but neither had an agenda to sell at a conference. So, they could create an event where people could network and learn, with old business solidified and new business created.

With an emphasis on creating a friendly atmosphere that puts newcomers at ease and welcomes old friends with a smile, the conference was designed to provide ample opportunities for networking and doing business. And, with a strong program with multiple tracks and a preconference day of in-depth workshops, attendees could strengthen their knowledge and form profitable strategies. The exhibit hall was designed to be a place where everyone could gather and chat and find out what is new in the industry.

The conference has done just that and now has been called “The marketplace of the language industry”.

Some important LocWorld milestones:

December 2014:

Localization World officially unveils its new “LocWorld” brand.

June 2014:

Localization World Dublin attendees exceed an amazing 600 localization professionals.

March 2007:

Shanghai welcomes the first Localization World series to Asia

June 2004:

Bonn, Germany hosts the first European Localization World conference.

October 2003:

The first Localization World conference is successfully staged in Seattle, Washington.

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