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Call For Papers LocWorld50 Silicon Valley

Call for Papers LocWorld50 Silicon Valley Learning from the Past: Planning for the Future We are taught to learn from our mistakes. And we also learn from our successes! That hard-gained wisdom affects our behavior from an early age. The same should be true in business. In our push to stay up with a --- Read More ---

Call For Papers LocWorld50 Silicon Valley2023-04-16T15:27:24-07:00

PIC Call For Papers: LocWorld49 Malmö

Process Innovation Challenge Call for Papers Open for LocWorld49 Malmö The Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) is entering its eighth season, and PIC #14 will occur at LocWorld49, in Malmö, Sweden on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. At a time of rapid flux in our industry, have you been working away on something cool, productive, or --- Read More ---

PIC Call For Papers: LocWorld49 Malmö2023-02-16T17:00:42-08:00

Game Global Joins LocWorld

Game Global Joins LocWorld As the localization industry continues to evolve and mature, we want to offer new ways for video game localizers to stay in touch and exchange ideas with each other and also with other verticals. As such, we are incorporating Game Global as a one-day track into LocWorld49 Malmö, June 6-8, 2023. --- Read More ---

Game Global Joins LocWorld2022-12-09T10:01:28-08:00
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