Micro Talk Presenters

Francesca Di Marco

Localization Manager

Donna Parrish


Gaya Saghatelyan

Globalization Enablement
HubSpot, Inc.

“A Taste of LocWorld” Agenda

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…from Donna and Ulrich, Principals of ...Presenters:
Ulrich Henes

Donna Parrish

Sentiment Analysis: What Users Want and How to Tailor International Products
How comfortable are our users around the world with our product? Do they feel welcomed? And do they trust our ability to cater to their needs? In this session we will discuss how to build a program around sentiment analysis for international markets, and how to capitalize on feedback to advocate for global users with ...Presenter:
Francesca Di Marco

Networking time

Attract, Engage, Delight Users: Creating a Cohesive In-language Experience
You’ve advocated for creating a global product; you’ve invested resources into localizing content for your prospects and customers; and you’ve raised awareness of the importance of localization. But you’re just not sure where your localized experience stands and how your customers and users feel about it. In this session we’ll share how HubSpot did a ...Presenter:
Gaya Saghatelyan

Networking time, with speakers available for Q&A