• Localization World recognizes that some companies wish to invite clients or potential clients to visit them while they are exhibiting at Localization World. We have created a special yellow badge for these visitors. A “yellow badge” attendee will be allowed to visit the Localization World exhibit hall for a maximum of two hours on one day only. These visitors will not be allowed to attend any of the conference sessions or conference networking events.

    The yellow badges are not to be used by exhibitors to admit their company representatives or employees to work at or represent the exhibit booth.

    Please fill out the form below so that we can have a yellow badge waiting for you at the registration desk.

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  • Please note: This badge will provide a free, limited time admittance to the Localization World exhibition area. It does not provide admittance to anything else associated with the conference. If you wish to also attend the conference and it's associated events, you will need to Register Here

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