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General Call for Papers closed, but still accepting API use cases for the TAPICC Symposium

Please submit your API use cases through EasyChair

FEISGILTT 5.5 will take place in Montreal @ LocWorld32 on 26th October.

The morning sessions will host the 7.5th XLIFF Symposium dedicated to the Public Review of the XLIFF 2.1 Specification and the Progress of the XLIFF OMOS TC.

The afternoon sessions will host the first ever TAPICC Symposium.

The 7.5th XLIFF Symposium

  • Come discuss the newest Public Review Draft of XLIFF 2.1
  • Learn about the progress of the XLIFF OMOS specs

    • The Abstract Object model for XLIFF 2 and Other Serializations
    • JLIFF, the JSON serialization in progress at the TC
    • XLIFF 2 +gls: TBX Basic Mapping
    • TMX and successors developments

The 1st TAPICC Symposium

  • Come to introduce and propose your Translation API use case!
  • The TAPICC effort will start with this Requirements Gathering that will set scope for the new GALA led API standardization effort.
  • Most significant use cases for the Translation API will be gathered and used to set scope and priorities for the Industry Standard Translation API development.

The Montreal skyline picture is a remix of this picture by MTLskyline and is provided under the same Creative Commons License (3.0, attribution & share alike)