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The corona virus pandemic is weighing on us all now – personally and professionally. The LocWorld team is well and we hope you are, also.
Regarding LocWorld42 in Berlin, we are in negotiations with our conference venue, the InterContinental Berlin, and are forced to wait for further developments in Germany before we can make a definitive announcement. Meanwhile, we are investigating opportunities for a virtual and safely-distant way to get together, network and learn. We promise to let you know more as soon as we can. We ask for your patience and understanding.
4th FEISGILTT, 6th XLIFF Symposium Program
Colocated with LocWorld28, Hotel Maritim, Berlin
Tue (2nd June 2015)Wed (3rd June 2015)
9:00Opening remarks by dF9:00Opening remarks by dF
9:10, keynoteLoïc Dufresne de Virel. Deploying a Localization-focused Enterprise Service Bus – To XLIFF or Not To XLIFF?9:10, panel[FEISGILTT 2015 Public Info sessions] XLIFF 2 Implementations: Lessons Learnt
Panelists: Bryan Schnabel, Chase Tingley, Andrzej Zydroń
Chair: dF
10:00Yves Savourel. Rainbow Extractor and Merger for XLIFF 210:00Ryan King. Adopting XLIFF 2.0 at Microsoft.
10:30coffee break10:30coffee break
10:45Kevin O’Donnell. Connecting developers to localizers with XLIFF 2.0.10:45Arle Lommel, Attila Görög and Hans Uszkoreit. MQM and DQF, the harmonized approach.
11:15Patrik Mazánek. Bilingual Content Model and it’s relation to XLIFF 2.0.11:15Felix Sasaki. FREME to make linked data available to Localizers.
11:55Yves Savourel. ITS for JSON11:50Andrzej Zydroń. XLIFF 2.0 Support in XTM Cloud
13:30Phil Ritchie and Chase Tingley. Ocelot – Agile XLIFF 2 Editor13:30[FEISGILTT 2015 Public Info sessions] XLIFF 2.1 status
Chair: Bryan Schnabel
Panel: all delegates
14:00Marc Mittag. OSELI14:00[FEISGILTT 2015 Public Info sessions] XLIFF 2.2 Requirements Gathering
Chairs: Bryan Schnabel & dF
Reporters: Chase Tingley, Christian Lieske et. al
14:30Roger Fienhold Sheen. Taking DITA for a Loop
15:00Bryan Schnabel. Updating CMS tools from XLIFF 1.2 to 2.0: the good, the bad, the unexpected
15:30coffee break15:30coffee break
16:00Felix Sasaki. FREME use cases.16:00, panel[FEISGILTT 2015 Public Info sessions] XLIFF 2 Object Model and other serializations
Panelists: Patrik Mazánek (SDL), Yves Savourel (ENLASO), Ryan King (Microsoft)
Chair: dF
16:30Christian Lieske and Frederik Pahde. Even better than just in the cloud: Terminology as Linked Open Data
17:30Reception17:30LocWorld Reception