4th FEISGILTT, 6th XLIFF Symposium Program
Colocated with LocWorld28, Hotel Maritim, Berlin
Tue (2nd June 2015) Wed (3rd June 2015)
9:00 Opening remarks by dF 9:00 Opening remarks by dF
9:10, keynote Loïc Dufresne de Virel. Deploying a Localization-focused Enterprise Service Bus – To XLIFF or Not To XLIFF? 9:10, panel [FEISGILTT 2015 Public Info sessions] XLIFF 2 Implementations: Lessons Learnt
Panelists: Bryan Schnabel, Chase Tingley, Andrzej Zydroń
Chair: dF
10:00 Yves Savourel. Rainbow Extractor and Merger for XLIFF 2 10:00 Ryan King. Adopting XLIFF 2.0 at Microsoft.
10:30 coffee break 10:30 coffee break
10:45 Kevin O’Donnell. Connecting developers to localizers with XLIFF 2.0. 10:45 Arle Lommel, Attila Görög and Hans Uszkoreit. MQM and DQF, the harmonized approach.
11:15 Patrik Mazánek. Bilingual Content Model and it’s relation to XLIFF 2.0. 11:15 Felix Sasaki. FREME to make linked data available to Localizers.
11:55 Yves Savourel. ITS for JSON 11:50 Andrzej Zydroń. XLIFF 2.0 Support in XTM Cloud
12:30 Lunch 12:30 Lunch
13:30 Phil Ritchie and Chase Tingley. Ocelot – Agile XLIFF 2 Editor 13:30 [FEISGILTT 2015 Public Info sessions] XLIFF 2.1 status
Chair: Bryan Schnabel
Panel: all delegates
14:00 Marc Mittag. OSELI 14:00 [FEISGILTT 2015 Public Info sessions] XLIFF 2.2 Requirements Gathering
Chairs: Bryan Schnabel & dF
Reporters: Chase Tingley, Christian Lieske et. al
14:30 Roger Fienhold Sheen. Taking DITA for a Loop
15:00 Bryan Schnabel. Updating CMS tools from XLIFF 1.2 to 2.0: the good, the bad, the unexpected
15:30 coffee break 15:30 coffee break
16:00 Felix Sasaki. FREME use cases. 16:00, panel [FEISGILTT 2015 Public Info sessions] XLIFF 2 Object Model and other serializations
Panelists: Patrik Mazánek (SDL), Yves Savourel (ENLASO), Ryan King (Microsoft)
Chair: dF
16:30 Christian Lieske and Frederik Pahde. Even better than just in the cloud: Terminology as Linked Open Data
17:00 buffer 17:00 buffer
17:30 Reception 17:30 LocWorld Reception
~19:00 ~19:00