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LocWorld FAQsveseycreative2016-12-13T14:04:51-08:00
Is food included in the conference?Donna Parrish2023-05-17T11:24:04-07:00

At LocWorld, the following food and snacks are included in your registration:

  • Opening reception (a variety of drinks and hors d’oeuvres)
  • Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks and beverages, both days of the main conference
  • Lunch both days of the main conference
  • Dinner on day one of the main conference
What is the proper attire for the conference?Donna Parrish2023-05-17T11:23:12-07:00

LocWorld is a business conference. You will probably want to wear something that reflects nicely on your business. That said, the days are long, so be sure you wear something comfortable!

How can we participate in the Give-Away Closing session?veseycreative2018-09-03T15:24:53-07:00
Will attendees get copies of the presentations?veseycreative2023-05-17T12:23:51-07:00

Yes, after the conference, all main conference attendees will receive an email with access information for the conference presentations. Please note that this can take two weeks, as some presenters are required by their employers to remove any proprietary information. Also, on rare occasions, we will not be allowed to share a presentation. Finally, panel discussion slide decks are sometimes not more than a title page.

Can I get a list of all attendees?veseycreative2023-05-17T11:10:50-07:00

LocWorld respects the privacy of its attendees and does not provide lists of attendees to other attendees. That said, the conference uses a networking platform that has proven invaluable for allowing attendees to make contacts and set up meetings prior to the conference, as well as during and after. Created by EventMobi, the app allows attendees to communicate to all attendees or to individual ones based on the individual’s privacy settings.

May anyone attend the opening reception?veseycreative2014-11-29T03:52:06-08:00

The opening reception is open to any attendee of the conference. There is no charge for the reception, and it is an excellent way to meet fellow attendees and make plans for a successful conference.

I am interested in attending, but can only make one day. Is this possible?veseycreative2023-05-17T11:12:08-07:00

With our in-person conferences, yes. We would love for you to attend the full conference but realize that is not always possible. Therefore we offer both full conference and single-day pricing. You can view all of your options on the event registration page.

For our virtual conferences, the sessions can be streamed after the conference, so you will be able to take advantage of sessions even after the conference ends. For that reason, we only offer the full conference ticket for virtual conferences.

How can I improve my chances of being selected as a speaker?veseycreative2016-12-13T14:05:06-08:00

The program committee gives preference to presentations that contain fresh material and have not been recently presented at other events. If you are a vendor, submit a proposal that includes a client (a submission without a client is rarely accepted). Please make sure that you have permission and funding to attend the conference PRIOR to submitting your proposal.

Who decides what proposals are accepted?veseycreative2014-12-30T01:40:53-08:00

The LocWorld program committee will review all proposals. Using the feedback from the program committee, the program chairs create an initial draft program. The program committee reviews the draft program and offers suggestions and feedback. The program chairs may add additional speakers and topics at their discretion to round out the program.

What are the benefits to being a speaker or panelist at LocWorld?veseycreative2023-05-17T13:17:10-07:00

Speaking at LocWorld (the largest localization event in the world, taking place annually on two continents) provides you the opportunity to share your ideas and experience with your peers. Case study presenters, as well as up to three panelists per panel, are entitled to FREE conference admission on the day of their presentation or 50% off the admission of the full two-day conference. MicroTalk speakers receive a $200 discount on a full conference registration.

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