LocWorld Milestones

June 2014:

Localization World Dublin attendees exceed an amazing 600 localization professionals.

June 2014:veseycreative2014-11-29T06:42:58-08:00

March 2007:

Shanghai welcomes the first Localization World series to Asia

March 2007:veseycreative2014-11-29T06:38:38-08:00

June 2004:

Bonn, Germany hosts the first European Localization World conference.

June 2004:veseycreative2014-11-29T06:52:13-08:00

October 2003:

The first Localization World conference is successfully staged in Seattle, Washington.

October 2003:veseycreative2014-12-17T07:23:55-08:00
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