Opening Reception

Start the conference with a party

Tuesday, February 28

6:30-9:00 PM.

The LocWorld33 opening reception will be held at the Margarita Bar at the Marco Polo Hotel. The reception is open to all attendees of the conference. You must wear your badge for admission. Are you just arriving that evening? The conference registration desk will be at the reception for you to pick up your badge and start networking.


Enjoy a relaxing evening with fellow attendees

Wednesday, March 1
6:00 – 9:00 pm

6:00 Cocktail reception, 7:00 Dinner served

北海渔村(新华店) North Sea Village (Xinhua Branch)
Xinhua Building,171 Mintian Rd
FuTian CBD, Futian Qu
Tel: 0755-88263666

What better way to digest the new information you have gained after the first day of the LocWorld main conference than to sit down to a lovely dinner with your compatriots! With the restaurant only a short walk from the conference venue, the evening offers fresh air, good food and interesting conversations. Open to all main conference attendees, your badge is your admission ticket. Remember to wear it!