LocWorld47 Berlin Main Conference Program

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Sunday, July 10, 2022

10:30am – 12:30pm
Newbie WelcomeLet’s get this conference started on the right foot! The Newbie Welcome is open to all LocWorld47 attendees. Hosted by Anne-Marie Colliander Lind, this event is specifically designated for all conference newcomers but, everyone is invited and encouraged to visit this event to meet our new attendees, answer their questions, and get to know them. ...Host:
Anne-Marie Colliander Lind

Monday, July 11, 2022

10:30am – 12:30pm
Opening ReceptionLet’s get this conference started on the right foot! The Opening Reception will be held in the Pavillion at the InterContinental and is open to all LocWorldWide47 Berlin ...

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

12:30am – 9:30am
Solutions Square OpenDiscover the latest tools and innovations in our exhibition hall during LocWorld47 ...
1:00am – 1:30am
WelcomeJoin LocWorld principals, Ulrich Henes and Donna Parrish, to learn about what to expect from LocWorld47 ...Presenters:
Ulrich Henes

Donna Parrish
1:30am – 2:30am
Keynote: Digital Fatigue – New Strategies for a Hybrid Working World
After Covid we all find ourselves in workings of endless video calls, constant distraction, and always-on-communication. Many individuals feel overwhelmed, while organizations struggle with questions ...Presenter:
Markus Albers
2:30am – 3:15am


3:15am – 4:00am
Media Localization Today — Challenges and Opportunities
If you think media localization is not for you, since your organization does not create entertainment content but corporate content – think again. Audiovisual content is everywhere and people spend ...Presenters:
Mazin Al-Jumaili

Sonya Biernath

Julio Leal
Wouter Maagdenberg - TXTOmedia
Agnieszka Szarkowska - University of Warsaw / AVT Masterclass
Can Quality Be a Strategic Enabler for Your Corporate Localization Team?
You’ve achieved the quality-related goals that you had set for your localization program. Now what? You can focus on maintaining and improving what you have, of course, but why stop there? If you ...Presenters:
Esther Curiel

Teresa Marshall

Gaya Saghatelyan
Karen Combe - Localization Institute
Continuous Localization on a Massive Scale
A crisis is brewing. There are hundreds of products to localize, and this number is growing rapidly. How does a small and efficient localization team cope with increasing demand while keeping costs ...Presenter:
Gary Lefman
4:00am – 5:30am
LunchContentQuo welcomes you to grab lunch at the L.A. Café and join the conversations during the lunch hour. We are offering a special session during this lunch break from 1:00-1:30, in the Bellevue room, titled How The War in Ukraine is Affecting Its Translation Industry by Nataliya Gorbachevskaya of Task ...Presenter:
Natalia Horbachevska
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5:30am – 6:30am
Process Innovation Challenge
LocWorld’s Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) returns to the stage and the bright lights in Berlin, Germany on July 12th, 2022. The competition has been entirely virtual since May of 2020 but will ...Presenters:
Andrea Ballista

Robert Brodowicz

Saurabh Kavathekar

Gary Lefman
Konstantin Savenkov
Alex Bernet - LocWorld
Dave Ruane - Lion People Global
Bert Esselink - RWS
Jochen Hummel - ESTeam AB
Patrícia Paladini Adell - Paladini Global
Giulia Tarditi - Revolut
6:30am – 7:00am


7:00am – 7:45am
Bringing Experience and Operational Data Together in Localization Project Management
Everybody knows they need data to make decisions. As a language service provider (LSP), you may ask, “Do I need to expand my resource this year?” As a buyer, you may want to know, “Will my ...Presenter:
Xinzi Rao
Daniel Goldschmidt - LocWorld
Turbocharging Your Career
Are you unlocking your full potential? Are you wondering how to not just get to the next level but think strategically about your own career while making your company and your team successful? Get ...Presenters:
Emer Dolan

Iris Orriss
Ulrich Henes - LocWorld
How Revolut Scaled to 30+ Languages with an Automated 48-hour Translation Cycle
Finance technology startup, Revolut, is a stand-out example of an organization that automated a state-of-the-art real-time continuous translation process, completely from scratch. In this session, we ...Presenter:
Tomas Franc
Donna Parrish - LocWorld
7:45am – 8:15am


8:15am – 9:00am
Localization Vendor Management Reloaded: How Buyers and LSPs Can Benefit from New Industry Practices
Localization vendor management processes have been evolving and adapting to the needs of companies that outsource their localization activities to different types of providers. In this session, we ...Presenters:
Giada Gerotto

Jennifer Vela-Valido
Anne-Marie Colliander Lind - LocWorld
Scaling Hard and Scaling Smart: Designing and Growing Localization Operations in a Data-driven and Customer-first Fashion
Creating localization operations from scratch is never a walk in the park. Regardless of industry and company size, localization leaders must shape and build operations with the right (and winning) ...Presenter:
Bruno Herrmann - Executive Advisor and Strategic Consultant
Michael Stevens - Translated
Digital Inclusion: Endangered Indigenous Language Revitalization
Last year, Motorola announced they were the first phone manufacturer to digitalize Nheengatu, an endangered indigenous language from the Amazon. Recently, the Lenovo-Motorola globalization team ...Presenters:
Janine Oliveira

Juliana Peres Rebelatto Pereira

Roy Yokoyama
Teddy Bengtsson - RoundTable Studio
10:30am – 1:30pm

Dinner at L.A. Café, sponsored by Translated

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

12:30am – 8:30am
Solutions Square OpenDiscover the latest tools and innovations in our exhibition hall during LocWorld47 ...
1:00am – 1:45am
Key Strategy Takeaways from the Globalization Strategy Playbook: A Conversation
The new localization industry publication of Globalization Strategy Playbook presents many best practices and full global ecosystem thinking for international enterprises. Authored by seasoned global ...Presenters:
Melissa Biggs

Karen Combe
The Castle and the Shed: Building a Global Content Strategy at the Speed of Ecommerce
How do you develop a sound localization strategy for a fast-paced business that expects localizers to fix all the things for a local platform launched with spreadsheets and manual processes? Join us ...Presenters:
Beatriz Verdasco

Zeynep Yeğiner
Libor Safar - Argos Multilingual
The Synthetic Media Revolution: Glimpses into a Post-text Future
Synthetic media is a revolution in content creation that is lowering the barriers for creating compelling and high-quality multimedia content.  It is made with the help of cutting-edge AI to ...Presenter:
Gilbert Segura
Jon Ritzdorf - Procore
1:45am – 2:15am


2:15am – 3:00am
Six Key Ingredients to a Healthy and Successful Global Growth Program
Global brands typically have three requirements for localization activities: cost efficiency, tight timelines, and high volumes – tough to strike a balance when there are multiple stakeholders and ...Presenters:
Naho Inuyama

Mariëtte Pepping

Hartmut von Berg
Steve Maule - Welocalize
Up Close and Personal
This panel of women leaders will give attendees insight into their career paths, their personal challenges, what’s changed along the way and where they see the role of women leaders in 2022 and ...Presenters:
Julia Cassidy

Esther Curiel

Anne-Cécile Dousson-Lhéritier
Véronique Özkaya - Summa Linguae
Employing AI for Source Quality Improvement
During machine translation post-editing (MTPE), some segments are edited much more than others. Adding such edits to the machine translation (MT) training data often does not help, as those are not ...Presenter:
Konstantin Savenkov
Ulrich Henes - LocWorld
Interested in a unique track at LocWorld? Are you ready to join the conversation and discussions? Again, we are holding an “unconference” at LocWorld. Never heard of that? An unconference ...Presenters:
Teresa Marshall

Scott Schwalbach
3:00am – 3:30am


3:30am – 4:00am
Localization – The Antidote to Economic Downturn: How We Can Make It a Walk in the Park for Every Business, Together
Petr Antropov, cofounder and chief revenue officer of Lokalise, will explore why this is a decade of disruption in the localization industry, how to uncover the potential of our fragmented market and ...Presenter:
Petr Antropov
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Get the Most Out of Your Translation Memories: Create Your Own MT Models in 10 minutes!
The quality of machine translation (MT) has never been higher and translation customization is now facilitated by the learning capacity of neural translation engines. But until recently, only a ...Presenters:
Isaure Chundoo

Pascale Le Blévennec
Sponsored By:

Small Team, Big Results: Getting Total Buy-in as a Localization Manager
Join this session to learn best practices on how to get buy-in for localization projects across marketing, product, customer support, and leadership to maximize your team’s impact. We’ll discuss ...Presenter:
Bryan Murphy
Sponsored By:

4:00am – 5:00am
LunchWe welcome you to grab lunch at L.A. Café and join the conversations during the lunch ...
5:00am – 5:45am
Training Your Customers: From Transactional Stakeholder to Strategic Partner
Customers are often at the receiving end of the localization process, but what if they could be part of your globalization strategy? Training and informing your end users on globalization best ...Presenter:
Alexandra Lemer
Melissa Biggs - Locale Solutions
This session will offer several quick and dynamic presentations covering topics and ideas too interesting to ignore: Why Size Matters: How Your LQA Sample Size Influences the Perception of ...Presenters:
Wouter Maagdenberg

Marina Pantcheva

Min Tan

Anna Zaretskaya
Daniel Goldschmidt - LocWorld
Myth-busting Leverage Loss
The leverage loss myth is looming ahead every time someone considers translation management system replacement. Most people know that leverage loss is all the risks rooting from translation memory ...Presenter:
Miklós Urbán
Konstantin Savenkov - Intento
Interested in a unique track at LocWorld? Are you ready to join the conversation and discussions? Again, we are holding an “unconference” at LocWorld. Never heard of that? An unconference ...Presenters:
Teresa Marshall

Scott Schwalbach
5:45am – 6:15am


6:15am – 7:00am
The Universal Language of Customer Service: Understanding and Meeting Our Global Customers’ Support Expectations
In 2021, we ran a cross-collaborative project to understand our customers’ experience with self-service support resources in languages other than English. We wanted to get a baseline understanding ...Presenter:
Lina Tovbis
Daniel Goldschmidt - LocWorld
Mind The Gap: Leveraging Quality Assurance to Optimize Content Localization
Localized content can only reach full effectiveness if the original content is created with localization in mind. Content internationalization, however, is often a fragmented endeavor that misses the ...Presenters:
Priscila Mottola

Karina Zidan
Esther Curiel - Zoetis
Why a Connected Language Technology Framework Will Always Be in Fashion
In a crowded luxury fashion marketplace, how can you increase market share, enable individual brand voice, and just look good? The FARFETCH marketplace connects customers in almost 200 territories ...Presenters:
Alex Katsambas

Dave Ruane
Peng Wang - Localization Institute
Interested in a unique track at LocWorld? Are you ready to join the conversation and discussions? Again, we are holding an “unconference” at LocWorld. Never heard of that? An unconference ...Presenters:
Teresa Marshall

Scott Schwalbach
7:00am – 7:30am


7:30am – 8:15am
Platform Localization: The New International Playbook and How to Get It Right
Creating a software platform is the ultimate growth strategy for many organizations. In this session, we will address the opportunities and practical challenges of adding international aspects to ...Presenters:
Alex Coope

Oleksandr Pysaryuk
Caroline Westberg
Antoine Rey - Argos Multilingual
Primer in Marketing Localization
In this session, we will provide guidance to localization managers on how to successfully cooperate with marketing teams. We will cover team alignment and diplomacy as well as technical material, ...Presenters:
Alessandra Binazzi - Global Sights
Konstantin Dranch

Selcen Kalender
Wouter Maagdenberg - TXTOmedia
Interested in a unique track at LocWorld? Are you ready to join the conversation and discussions? Again, we are holding an “unconference” at LocWorld. Never heard of that? An unconference ...Presenters:
Teresa Marshall

Scott Schwalbach
8:15am – 8:30am


8:30am – 9:15am
Prize Drawing and ClosingJoin us for the exciting prize drawing from our exhibitors and some final words as we bid farewell to LocWorld47 ...