OCTOBER 10-12, 2023

LocWorld50 Silicon Valley

Learning from the Past: Planning for the Future

Global Toolbox
The Global Toolbox sessions consist of half- and full-day in-depth workshops taking place on Tuesday, October 10.  These are additional offerings for the LocWorld conference. You can find more information for these and register HERE.

LocWorld50 Silicon Valley Main Conference Program

Official LocWorld50 Event Hours

Tuesday, October 10:  6:30pm-8:30pm
Wednesday, October 11:  8:30am- 11:59pm
Thursday, October 12:  8:30am-5:30pm

Sessions are peer-reviewed to be relevant for you.

All times listed are PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

6:30pm – 8:30pm
Opening ReceptionLet’s get this conference started on the right foot! The Opening Reception is open to all LocWorld50 Silicon Valley ...Sponsored By:

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

8:30am – 5:15pm
Solutions Square OpenDiscover the latest tools and innovations in our exhibition hall during LocWorld50 Silicon ...
9:00am – 9:30am
115 Supported Locales: Localizing and Testing at Large Scale
Some industries, such as clinical trials, actually require a huge amount of locale support as a necessity rather than a business decision. How do you go about managing your localization process at ...Presenter:
Matthew Carulli
Karen Combe - Localization Institute
Jira for Localization Operations
Have you heard of Jira, but have no idea what it is? This talk will give you an overview of Jira for agile software development, and where localization fits in. You’ll learn about different use ...Presenter:
Allie Browne
Kristy Sakai - Supertext
How Can You Fix What You Can’t See?
How do you get a mature 15+-year-old startup to say “yes” to internationalizing their products? Come find out how we partnered to do it. We went from no internationalization (i18n) standard to ...Presenters:
Lucio Gutierrez

Olivier Libouban
Gary Lefman - Cisco
Cracking the Code of Digital Communication: Making the Invisible Visible
According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the tone of our emails is misinterpreted 50% of the time by the recipient. With 70% of all communication happening virtually, losing ...Presenter:
Gaëtan Chrétiennot
Anne-Marie Colliander Lind - LocWorld
9:30am – 9:45am


9:45am – 10:15am
Language as Product: How Technology Is Reshaping the Way We Do Localization
The localization industry is entering a new era! With all the new technological developments, new opportunities are unlocked, and localization is pivoting from stakeholder to driver of innovation and ...Presenters:
Lyena Solomon

Pascale Tremblay - Pascale Global Consulting
Jeff Beatty - The Walt Disney Company
Ignite Localization Friendliness Awareness in a Developer’s Mind
English source is the base of localization, and source quality significantly impacts localization quality. Is there an efficient way to make English source localization-friendly at creation? To meet ...Presenters:
Allen Che

Hongmei Shi
Hajnalka Sarvari - Meta
Unpacking the Complexity of Localization Technology Infrastructure: How to Enable Thousands of Engineers to Ship Localized Products Daily
Imagine continuous localization at an exorbitant scale: thousands of engineers create features and ship localized products daily. Behind the scenes, they move, rename, change, and delete folders, ...Presenters:
Manoli Pena-Lopez

Yan Yu
Gary Lefman - Cisco
Breaking into Localization: Empowering the New Generation of Localizers for Success
How can you, either as an individual or as a manager representing a company, help launch the next generation of localizers? What are the barriers to entry for localization graduates? What are the ...Presenters:
Koni Chen
Jessy Nguyen

Francesca Tantussi
Jocelyn Kwong - Magnit
10:15am – 10:45am


10:45am – 11:00am
WelcomeLocWorld principals, Ulrich Henes and Donna Parrish, and marketing director, Anne-Marie Colliander Lind, will welcome attendees and give a brief overview of what to expect from LocWorld50 Silicon ...
11:00am – 12:00pm
Demystifying Generative AI: The Signal in the Noise
In an era where generative AI headlines have become synonymous with breakthroughs and fears alike, there is a critical need to discern fact from fiction. Beyond the glitz and glamour of deepfakes, AI ...Presenter:
Jason Mars - Clarity Lab, University of Michigan
12:00pm – 1:30pm
LunchWe invite you to grab lunch and join the lively conversations during the lunch ...Sponsored By:
1:30pm – 2:30pm
Process Innovation Challenge
The PIC has grown and evolved as an incubator for innovation in the localization industry, reaching large live and virtual audiences. Our Process Dragons will pose questions to the innovators in ...Presenters:
Gabriel Fairman

Catarina Farinha

Sheriff Issaka

Emily Randall

Mathijs Sonnemans

Ágnes Varga
Alex Bernet - LocWorld
Dave Ruane - XTM International
Alessandra Binazzi - Global Sights
Ben Cornelius - Cornelius Communications
Erik Vogt - Vogt Strategy
2:30pm – 3:00pm


3:00pm – 3:45pm
Latest in Localization Technology and Machine Learning in the Enterprise Localization Workflow: A Pinterest Case Study
While the localization industry is focusing on large language models (LLMs) as the latest breakthrough in AI, we must remember there are multiple other innovation avenues in translation management ...Presenters:
Olga Beregovaya

Francesca Di Marco
Sheriff Issaka - African Languages Lab
Lean Localization Panel
Are you driving a small localization team, with a mountain of incoming work and limited resources? Take heart, you may be part of a largely silent group of localizers. The lean localization operation ...Presenters:
Patrick McLoughlin

Patrícia Paladini Adell

Rachel Varnergardner
Melissa Biggs - Locale Solutions
Bye Bye XLIFF: Embracing Content Servers for Modern Localization Workflows
XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) has been the industry standard for localization file formats for decades, but it’s time to move on. In this talk, we’ll explore the ...Presenters:
Christopher Dell

Paul Mangell
Gary Lefman - Cisco
Up Close and Personal: Women CEOs in the Language Industry
This panel of women CEOs will give us insight into their career paths, their personal challenges, what’s changed along the way, and where they see the role of women leaders in the language ...Presenters:
Ludmila Golovine

Silke Zschweigert

Véronique Özkaya
Kathleen Bostick
3:45pm – 4:15pm


4:30pm – 5:15pm
Are We Still Valuable? Human Influence in the Post-AI World
In this discussion, panelists will discuss the immediate and possible future impact of AI on the localization career from the perspective of linguistic, operational, and buyer viewpoints. They will ...Presenters:
Nicole Kittle Broe - Roku
Linh Nguyen

Ana Trejo
Belinda Hilbert - United Language Group
The Journey of a 1000 Miles: Defining the Localization Journey in a Large Global Brand That Is Just Beginning Its Global Outreach
How to build a center of excellence within a large global brand that became global in spite of not having a true localization department. Where to begin, lessons learned thus far, process and ...Presenters:
Suzanne Frank

Donna Kay
Donna Parrish - LocWorld
In this session, we will offer several quick and dynamic presentations covering topics and ideas too interesting to ignore! Drink Your Own Champagne — We Spent One Year in Our Customers’ ...Presenters:
Adam Bittlingmayer

Marina Ilari

Francesca Sorrentino
Daniel Goldschmidt - LocWorld
LocHealth: How to Stay Sane and Localize On
Most stories we hear in the localization industry are positive: success, growth, innovation, and camaraderie. However, if we look deeper, real-life stories are more complex. A constant need to ...Presenters:
Laura DeCook

Jose Palomares

Antoine Rey
Mimi Hills - Hillstra Associates
5:15pm – 5:45pm
Beyond MT: Automating Language Skills with GenAI
In this session, we’ll explore how the new technology landscape automates a wider range of language skills beyond translation; share proven numbers on how Generative AI improves language experience ...Moderator:
Konstantin Savenkov - Intento
Sponsored By:

6:30pm – 9:30pm
DinnerSponsored by Translated, the conference dinner is always a highlight for great conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. We will start the evening with a casual reception followed by a  wonderful dinner where attendees look forward to invaluable ...Sponsored By:

Thursday, October 12, 2023

9:00am – 4:45pm
Solutions Square OpenDiscover the latest tools and innovations in our exhibition hall during LocWorld50 Silicon ...
9:30am – 10:00am
AI-Driven Production: Delivering Enhanced Quality at Scale
In this presentation, we will demonstrate the practical implementation of AI technologies, specifically ChatGPT, into localization production workflows. We will walk through the process of ...Presenters:
Zhenhui Chao

Wei Zhang
Melissa Biggs - Locale Solutions
Experiential Language Quality Assessment — A User-Centric Approach to Localization Quality
Traditional localization quality metrics focus on providing a good user experience for end-users abroad but often fail to consider nuanced, specific end-user preferences. In this session, ...Presenters:
Hameed Afssari

Tucker Johnson
Yanming Li - Amazon
Localizing Human Transformation: Coaching Content and Concepts for a Global Audience
Active focus on human improvement, both personal and professional, has been found to increase productivity at work, reduce burnout, and create a stronger sense of purpose. But how cultures around the ...Presenter:
Jamie Cox
Oleksandr Pysaryuk
Globally Viral: Localizing Multimedia for the Most Influential Influencers
Localizing for influencers presents a unique challenge, as the content creator is a brand unto themselves, fiercely particular about tone and style in script translation, and increasingly, the ...Presenters:
Isha Sharma

Yair Tal
Ricky Kalu - Kalu Media
Unconference @ LocWorld
Interested in a unique track at LocWorld? Are you ready to join the conversation and discussions? Again, we are holding an “unconference” at LocWorld. Never heard of that? An unconference ...Presenter:
Scott Schwalbach
10:00am – 10:15am


10:15am – 11:15am
Threats, Innovations, and Myths: Embracing Change in the Language Industry
ChatGPT will replace us all … just like machine translation, translation management systems, and CAT tools before that. Right? In the language industry, the introduction of new technologies ...Presenters:
Renato Beninatto

Natalia Horbachevska

Erik Vogt - Vogt Strategy
Jochen Hummel - ESTeam AB
11:15am – 11:45am


11:45am – 12:30pm
Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Nonsense? Cutting Through the GenAI Fog
Looking back a year after generative AI (GenAI) exploded into public awareness with the launch of ChatGPT, where has the technology lived up to its initial hype and where does it fall short? Is it ...Presenters:
Caleb Belohlavek

Darin Goble

Kirti Vashee
Arle Lommel - CSA Research
The Death and Re-birth of the Translation Memory and Glossary
The focus of this session is on how machine learning techniques such as few-shot learning and zero-shot learning and large language models can effectively retire altogether the concept of translation ...Presenters:
Gabriel Fairman

Silvio Picinini

Adam Wooten
Rodrigo Demetrio - Bureau Works
Failures as Positive Life Lessons
To paraphrase Nelson Mandela, there are no losses, there are either wins or lessons to learn. Mistakes are how humans learn and grow. Setbacks can either be viewed as failures or as positive life ...Presenters:
Yanming Li

Minette Norman

Darrin Wittwer
Eva Klaudinyova - Middlebury Institute of International Studies
How to Combine the Power of AI Tools and Linguists to Supercharge Your Video Localization
Most leading enterprise organizations are generating large volumes of video content that require accurate transcription, translation, and sharing with global audiences, but are unsure of how AI can ...Presenters:
Edith Bendermacher

Tom Bridges
Donna Parrish - LocWorld
Unconference @ LocWorld
Interested in a unique track at LocWorld? Are you ready to join the conversation and discussions? Again, we are holding an “unconference” at LocWorld. Never heard of that? An unconference ...Presenter:
Scott Schwalbach
12:30pm – 1:30pm
LunchWe invite you to grab lunch and join the lively conversations during the lunch ...Sponsored By:
1:30pm – 2:00pm
A Conversation with Leading Minds: Unlocking AI, Workflow, and Scale for Your Business
Join us for a fireside chat with leading AI and automation experts on the transformative future of localization. Discover how they see AI revolutionizing the way businesses adapt their products, ...Presenters:
Simone Bohnenberger

Alon Lavie

Andrea Tabacchi
Sponsored By:

Resolving the Global Talent Shortage: An exclusive interview with Kristin Gutierrez, Charles Campbell and Jorgelina Venturi
Charles Campbell - tbo.
Kristin Gutierrez - KG, LLC
Jorgelina Venturi
Sponsored By:

Creating an AI Strategy to Augment Your Localization Career
In the age of rapid technological development, it’s more important than ever for localization leaders to embrace the best applications of AI and large language models (LLMs). Complex language ...Presenter:
Spence Green
Sponsored By:

Delivering Human-level Quality at Half the Price with Generative AI — How Do We Get from Frenzy to Trust?
Today in the localization industry, LLMs are just starting to serve as content generation, translation, and quality estimation engines, but how can we make them work for us tomorrow? In this session, ...Presenter:
Bryan Murphy
Sponsored By:

2:00pm – 2:30pm


2:30pm – 3:15pm
An Overview of AI in Africa: Navigating Localization, Innovations, and Opportunities
As we stand on the cusp of the fifth industrial revolution, Africa is poised to catch up and take its place on the global stage. Join us in this enlightening session as we delve into the current ...Presenters:
Sheriff Issaka

Tumi Samuel-Ipaye
Ulrich Henes - LocWorld
A Transformational Journey to Launching Facebook into Long-tail Languages
Over the past two years, Meta translated Facebook into 35 languages while largely engaging directly with regional suppliers as part of our sourcing strategy. Sourcing for and working with providers ...Presenters:
Marleen Julien

Cecilia Piaggio
Daniel Goldschmidt - LocWorld
Ushering in the New Era of Localization Leadership
This session offers a panel discussion between veteran industry pioneers and aspiring rising stars from the top brands in the world. The conversation will examine how localization leadership roles ...Presenters:
Jeff Beatty

Wayne Bourland

Giselle Tran
Eric Jones - RWS
From Dubbing to Machine Dubbing: Challenges and Opportunities
After transitioning from translation to machine translation, our industry is in the middle of another similar journey that is driven by an incredible growth of content and new generative AI voice ...Presenters:
Andrea Ballista

Mike Kim

Greg Taieb
Ricky Kalu - Kalu Media
Unconference @ LocWorld
Interested in a unique track at LocWorld? Are you ready to join the conversation and discussions? Again, we are holding an “unconference” at LocWorld. Never heard of that? An unconference ...Presenter:
Scott Schwalbach
3:15pm – 3:45pm


3:45pm – 4:30pm
Automating Multilingual Customer Support Through Machine Translation
Our team supports 20 million+ Amazon sellers and vendors who are an integral part of the Amazon market ecosystem. Currently, these market contents are translated and published into 146 locale-store ...Presenters:
Sung Cho

Penny Mao
Darrin Wittwer - BLEND
Championing Cross-Partner Collaboration: Co-Opetition for the Greater Good
Companies commonly use a multi-vendor strategy to address their globalization agenda. Typically, each vendor focuses solely on assigned projects, having little to no interaction with their ...Presenters:
Rachel Barakat

Genevieve D’Acquisto

Aki Hayashi

Martyna Pakula
Tim Arata - Locale Solutions
Spotlight on Spanish
Join us for an illuminating panel as we turn the spotlight on Spanish. Culturally dispersed and richly woven into many nations, Spanish offers a unique challenge and opportunity for any company ...Presenters:
Salvo Giammarresi

Madison Jackson
Maria Gabriela Morales - Rosario Traducciones y Servicios S.A.
Leveling Up Your Video Game Marketing Localization
There is more to game localization than the in-game text. In fact, a vast majority of the content surrounding video games is related to marketing. From in-store game descriptions to trailers, this ...Presenters:
Marina Ilari

Federica Lusardi
Bruno Herrmann
Unconference @ LocWorld
Scott Schwalbach - Amazon Web Services
4:30pm – 4:45pm


4:45pm – 5:30pm
Prize Drawing and Closing RemarksJoin us for the exciting prize drawing from our exhibitors and some final words as we bid farewell to LocWorld50 SIlicon ...

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