LocWorldWide42 FAQs


The LocWorld team has worked hard to provide a virtual experience that offers some of the same flavor of the conference — especially the valuable networking. To that end, the Swapcard platform is available for pre- and post-conference text conversations. Remo is used for social events and iVent is the major platform where the presentations are shown, Solutions Square is hosted and there is a networking lounge, as well.

What is Remo and how do I get started?

Remo is the networking platform for meet and greet gatherings, the newbie gathering, opening reception and conference lunches. You will be given a link to each of the opportunities. To begin, you should set up your profile. Click on any of the Remo meeting links and create an account for yourself. Be sure to add your LinkedIn and/or Facebook urls so that the people you meet can connect with you.

How can I learn more about using Remo?

Here is a helpful video to get started: https://help.remo.co/en/article/getting-started-as-an-attendee-s1vvsh/
Troubleshooting help:

There is also a help feature when the Remo sessions are live.

Please note that Remo chats are not available after the meeting, and table chats disappear when you leave a table. Be sure to capture any information you might need — and remember to set up your profile with social media links so people can reach out to you there!

iVent access

Attendees will receive an email invitation to iVent. We enourage you to login and enhance you profile so that others will know more about you.

When is the conference platform (iVent) open?

The conference platform will open to all attendees on Tuesday, June 28 at 11.00 CEST. Note that June 28 is our traditional preconference day, offering prepaid and restricted sessions. But the platform, Solutions Square and the program list are open to all confirmed attendees as of Tuesday! So, this is your opportunity to look at the program and make your schedule, visit the exhibitors and in general familiarize yourself with the conference platform. We recommend you take advantage of this opening day on the platform.

The official hours of the conference are (all times CEST):

  • Tuesday, July 28: 11.00-17.50
  • Wednesday, July 29: 9.30-16.30
  • Thursday, July 30: 9.30-17.00
iVent help

Just like at a physical conference, there is a help desk where you can go to ask about any LocWorld or iVent issues. Also, there is a set of more iVent-specific FAQs in the networking area of the conference.

What’s the best way to participate in the conference?

While the conference can be seen on a small mobile device, the content is dense and rich so it is best experienced on a computer screen. The best browser for participating is Chrome.

Timing: what if I am late for a session?

All sessions will begin promptly at the published time. There is no way for us to look down the hall, see you approaching and then ask the speaker to hold off! We encourage you to be on time.

Will the presentations be available for streaming after the conference?

Yes! Most presentations will be available for streaming for two months after the conference. Just return to the iVent platform to view them up until September 30, 2020. The presentations that will not be available are ones featuring speakers from EA.