LocWorldWide42 FAQs

It's a new platform. We are all novices! Here are some answers to your questions. If this page doesn't help, be sure to email .

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LocWorldWide42 Exhibitors

Welcome to Solutions Square - Discover the latest tools and innovations in our virtual exhibition hall during LocWorldWide42. (Exhibitor registration opens soon - a full list of exhibitors will be released in the coming days)

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LocWorldWide42 Networking

Socially-distanced, totally connected. Networking has always been a hallmark of LocWorld conferences. To continue that experience, we have created a number of special virtual events for LocWorldWide42 attendees.

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LocWorldWide42 Sponsors

Meet the companies supporting us and helping LocWorldWide42 become a reality. And, discover options available to your organization to get involved too.

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LocWorldWide42 Conference Program

Preconference, JULY 28, 2020 - Virtual workshops and round tables, to further build your skill and knowledge libraries. Main Conference, JULY 29-30, 2020 - Featuring numerous specialized tracks, amazing keynote presentations and more.

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LocWorldWide42 Speakers

Learn from industry peers. Meet the knowledgeable and experienced presenters, that will be delivering highly valuable sessions for you at LocWorldWide42.

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