Perhaps it’s a sign of our industry’s maturing status: people are coming together to chat, do business, and make new acquaintances. It is no secret to industry veterans that more can be accomplished by getting to know fellow professionals than by sitting in a silo and trying to determine the current discussion topics, pain points, and new ideas.

This is certainly how LocWorld came about, and it is also one of the reasons that LocLunch has gained popularity. To explore both events and how they relate to the industry and to you, please attend a complimentary LocWorldWide45 session: “The Past, Present, and Future of LocWorld and LocLunch”, occurring October 20, 2021 10:45-11:30am Pacific Daylight time.

You are invited to listen to LocWorld cofounder Ulrich Henes and LocLunch founder Jan Hinrichs as they interview each other and answer questions about both programs. Topics to be discussed include personal drivers and motivation, history and future, Ort der Begegnung, security, the COVID-19 crisis, positioning, free versus paid, and “Ready, Set Go”.

Following the session, you are invited to stay for our virtual lunch, which will be an online sort of LocLunch. The lunch and session are open to anyone interested, whether or not they are a LocWorldWide45 attendee or a LocLunch veteran. The lunch is sponsored by Translation Back Office and is scheduled to follow the session with Ulrich and Jan: 11:30 am-12:30 pm Pacific time.

The session and lunch will take place on the Remo platform. There is no cost, but you must register with your email address at: in order to join.