LocWorldWide46 Networking Opportunities

Socially-distanced, totally connected.

We get it. Previous attendees have told us over and over how important networking is at LocWorld. We are happy to provide the time and space to allow fruitful conversations to occur! Of course, this all gets a little difficult to arrange when the conference is virtual and attendees are sitting at their desks. But LocWorldWide46 is providing many ways to chat with fellow attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors! Here is a list of what to expect:

    • Taste of LocWorld: This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with other conference attendees as well as learning to use the networking platform, Remo.
    • Opening Reception and Newbie Welcome: The Opening Reception and Newbie Welcome is open to all LocWorldWide46 attendees. The Newbie part of the reception will be hosted by Aki Ito and is specifically designated for all conference newcomers. Everyone is invited and encouraged to visit this area to meet our new attendees, answer their questions, and get to know them. The remainder of the networking site is for everyone (new and old) to meander through the tables and meet colleagues and friends.
    • Keynote followed with networking
    • Day 1 Lunch: LocLunch, hosted by Jan Hinrichs
    • Meet the Principals: LocWorld founders Ulrich Henes and Donna Parrish will be on hand to try to answer any questions and listen to any and all suggestions.
    • Keynote Panel with networking
    • Day 2 Lunch and Networking
    • Closing Remarks and Lobby Bar Social: Do you remember at in-person conferences how you could walk past the lobby bar and find fellow attendees to chat with? Well, we can’t replicate the bar or the background music, but we still have you and your fellow attendees! Drop by, bring your own libation, and let’s chat!
    • Solutions Square: Talk to our exhibitors and learn what’s new and exciting in our industry. Solutions Square is open throughout the conference, and there are plenty of breaks to allow you time to visit.

You can download a “LocWorld at a Glance” schedule of the conference here.

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