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LocWorldWide Welcome
EG1: Harmonizing Global and Local Digital Policy
AL1: Agile Means Inclusion — from Development to LSP: Part II
GCM1: Localization in Healthcare
AL2: Process Innovation Challenge
GCM2: A shared session with 3 separate content management presentations
Keynote: Everything Has to Change so Everything Can Remain the Same — Accepting the New Covid-19
SS3C: Innovation in Computer Aided Technology
SS3B: Inspiring Unprecedented Energy for Anyone to Belong Anywhere
EG4: Another Layer for Quality Management
GW4: Taking on the World: What We Learned Localizing an Ecommerce Platform
GW5: Why Localization and UX Writing Should Be One Team
EG5: Go Native or Go Home
AU5: Lessons Learned from Evaluating MT Engines at eBay
IN6: MicroTalks – Short talks by four speakers
EG7: Making Localization Relevant for APAC Businesses – Learnings from Our China Experiment
SS7A: The Intelligent Translation Era: Unleashing Digital Acceleration
T7: UX Best Practices for Bi-directional Languages
AL7: Mixed Globalization and Localization Measurement for Mixed Realities
T8: Split Session: Involvement, Collaboration, Innovation — The Approach to a Globalization Challenge
AND Automatic Transfer of Inline Elements — Leaving the Tedious Task to AI
GW8: Take Your CXO Team on a Localization Journey and Get Their Buy-in
LSP8: Split Session: Taking your LSP from Start-up to IPO
AND How Can AI-based Approaches Be Applied
EG9: Berlin, Transcreated: Adapting the Voice of Berlin’s Public Transport for International
AU9: Integrating Custom-trained Neural Machine Translation into a Continuous Localization Flow in Enterprises
T9: Driving Growth in Localization through API First
T10: Continuous i18n improvement at AI-enabled enterprise
GCM10: Information Services Rethought: From Paper Manual to Semantic Networks
EG10: How a Data-driven Language Experience Supports CX and UX
Process Innovation Challenge Winner
LSP11: The Customer Speaks, But Are You Listening?
GCM11: The Future of Terminology
EG11: Winning Hearts and Minds… and Keeping Them
T12: i18n – Let’s Hear It from the Engineers!
EG12: How Do You Engage a Global Audience?
EG12: Want Higher Quality, Consistency and Delivery Speed?
LocWorldWide Closing Session

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     August 12, 2020 - September 30, 2020
     12:00 am - 2:55 pm