Case Study in Globalization: How Tableau Is Making the Leap to Better Regionalization and Modularization with Their Content

Track: Content Strategy | CS8 |
Friday, June 10, 2016, 3:30pm – 4:15pm
Held in: Wicklow Hall 1
Daniel Sullivan - GitLab
Host: Scott Abel

Monolithic content management schemes are no longer applicable in a world where fierce competition for shifting user expectations, sophisticated search technologies and responsive delivery mechanisms rule the day. Content developers, especially those in marketing departments that serve global audiences in multiple languages, are tasked with creating increasingly relevant and engaging material — material that is accessible on multiple devices, can convert a broad spectrum of prospects to customers and retains their hard-won existing customer base. This presentation will explore where we began our globalization journey, the progress we have made since (including challenges and lessons learned along the way) and our vision for the near future. Join this session and learn how to get control over and visibility into your content, understand how your content is being consumed and align the development of your content strategy and delivery mechanisms with tailored engagement goals.