Automation in Media Localization

Track: Keynote | K2C: A Number of Keynotes |
Friday, June 7, 2024, 9:00am – 10:00am
Held in: Room 1&2
Belén Agulló García - Deluxe Media 
Vanessa Lecomte - BBC 
Volker Steinbiss - AppTek 
Alex Yoffe - OOONA
Moderator: Agnieszka Szarkowska

This panel brings together key stakeholders involved in media localization: on the one hand, technology companies offering cutting-edge automation solutions in subtitling, dubbing, and voice-over, and on the other hand, a leading LSP – a (potential) end user of these technologies. Moderated by an experienced independent media localization expert and researcher, the panelists will discuss the currently available automation solutions for major types of media localization, including automating timing, transcription, and translation in subtitling as well as AI dubbing with video synthesis technology or voice cloning. We will also discuss the quality and maturity of these technologies and their applications to various media contexts, such as corporate audiovisual content and the media and entertainment industry.


  • Various automation solutions in different media localization types: subtitling, dubbing and voice-over;
  • Maturity levels of these automation solutions and their areas of implementation (corporate videos versus media and entertainment);
  • Future directions of automation (including voice cloning for AI dubbing, translation memory integration).