Bigger, Better, Faster: Navigating the Globalization Road from Startup to Enterprise, Engage and Build a Sphere of Influence!Bigger, Better, Faster: Navigating the Globalization Road from Startup to Enterprise, Engage and Build a Sphere of Influence!

Track: Preconference | P2 |   Everyone |
To facilitate an open and frank discussion, participants are asked to not disclose information exchanged at this workshop.
Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 8:00am – 2:00pm
Held in: Zoom
Melissa Biggs - Locale Solutions 
Carrie Fischer - Subway 
Hartmut von Berg - LogMeIn
Moderators: Daniel Goldschmidt,
Oleksandr Pysaryuk
Hosts: Christiane Bark,
Maria Kania,
Tarja Karjalainen,
Antoine Rey,
Martin Schneekloth
SPONSORED BY: Venga Global

In this half-day workshop, we will discuss how localization and global growth are intertwined. How is your organization approaching internationally? What are the opportunities, what are the challenges and how we can grow personally and professionally? What changes do we need to make in the industry’s mindset, and ours? What do you tackle first? What essential kit and hacks do you need to succeed? We will bring together highly experienced localization leaders from organizations of all sizes. They will share their expertise in enabling their organizations’ business to be truly global. The focus will be on use cases from real life. We will give you homework before the workshop: what are the challenges and what are the opportunities you have?

Panel Discussion: You have a vision for localization for your company. You want to build not only a language support group but also a growth enabler function. To do this successfully, you need to have the support and understanding of a few people. How do you drive this across your organization? Who do you need to get involved with? In this panel discussion, we will ask the participants how they are driving localization or multimarket programs with the various stakeholders they have to deal with to build a successful localization function for their organization whether they are responsible for software, websites or eLearning platforms.
Moderator: Antoine Rey

Workshop Schedule:
8:00 – 9:00 am: Part 1: Setting the scope and topics of the workshop, guest speakers
9:00 – 1:00 pm:  Part 2: Hands-on working groups discussing the topics (includes a coffee break and lunch)
1:00 – 2:00 pm:  Part 3: Sharing and discussing results, closing remarks


  • Global growth: Challenges, opportunities and mindset
  • Global crisis management: Challenges, opportunities, perspectives and mindset
  • Localization benchmark: Attendees will learn about localization processes from companies of different sizes and stages of localization maturity and get an understanding of their own market, product and service context to map it on the localization canvas.
  • Support network: Attendees will gain insight and hear advice from peers and experts on the operational and strategic aspects of localization management.
  • Interactive format: Attendees will speak, discuss, persuade, challenge, brainstorm and LISTEN!