Buyer Colloquium: Building Interoperable Systems and Processes

Track: Inside Track | IN1 |
Special Registration Requirement, this is an extended session and will run until 10:30.
Thursday, October 18, 2018, 9:00am – 9:45am
Held in: Cove
Don DePalma - CSA Research 
Arle Lommel - CSA Research

The second wave of digital transformation goes beyond just putting content into electronic form. It requires pervasive interoperability at both the technology and process level to enable content to scale intelligently across multiple delivery platforms, languages and formats. Without a way to approach digital transformation systematically across a variety languages, organizations won’t realize its expected benefits. Today’s cobbled-together mix of heterogeneous middleware, connectors, content repositories and manual tools simply cannot support the rapid growth in content volume, data sources and expectations for pervasive language support.

Current, monolithic translation management systems (TMSs) have been busy solving the problems of the past without paving the way forward for new challenges. Far too often content and code are in the wrong places and formats to work without costly and error-prone manual interventions. In addition, as TMS feature sets expanded to handle increasing numbers of complex edge-cases and build out checklist-driven marketing requirements, they grew bloated and were not prepared for the demands for a ubiquitous, cloud-based presence that could integrate the many sources that arise with agile development.

In this interactive and data-rich colloquium, we will examine the changing landscape and how global enterprises can take advantage of new changes and the rise of the post-TMS technologies to find greater efficiencies and opportunities for language services.

Seating is limited and advanced registration is required. Please contact us to reserve your seat.