The Content Convergence Has Arrived

Track: Content Management | CM6 |
Friday, June 8, 2018, 10:15am – 11:00am
Held in: Warsaw Hall 3
Alan Porter - [A]
Host: Paul Perrotta

Intelligent content is the foundation of the new age of digital customer experiences, in any language. As a consequence, the worlds of marketing communication, technical communication and localization are converging as companies need to take a more holistic view of how customers interact with their global brands. In this presentation we will discuss this convergence and how companies can best position themselves, and their content, to power their digital transformation.

Takeaways: Attendees will learn how to plan for starting the convergence discussion in their organization, get samples of types of metadata they should be considering for managing global content and hear an overview of a content engineering approach to holistic content use.