How the Content Explosion Challenges the Localization Status Quo

Track: Global Business | GB5 |
Friday, June 10, 2016, 9:00am – 9:45am
Held in: EcoCem Meeting Room
Carmen Avilés Suarez - Agilent Technologies, Inc. 
Tomi Fitzsimmons - Microsoft
Host: Rebecca Ray

Marketers now have more than 1,850 digital marketing creation and automation tools available to produce and publish information to influence buyers, generate leads and increase sales. As a result, digital content is created and delivered at high frequency to keep content fresh and audiences engaged, and central localization experts are now much more closely tied to results-driven marketing teams. In this session, global marketing experts from Microsoft and Agilent Technologies will share perspectives about how the need for results-focused, technologically savvy localization teams can provide increased value to the marketing team’s efforts to deliver localized content on a global scale.

Takeaways: The minimum requirements for effective content marketing are speed, volume and efficiency of delivery to both local and global audiences. Visibility and insight into the changing localization processes are imperative to track the efficiency, effectiveness and return on investment of global marketing. Central localization teams are evolving from delivering localization as a task toward business processes that impact top-line revenue.