How to Create a Thriving Globalization Community within Your Company

Track: Community | G5 |
Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 5:00pm – 5:45pm
Held in: G
Yuka Kurihara - Scaled Agile, Inc.
Host: Teresa Marshall

Three years ago, Pitney Bowes started building a globalization community to reach across the company to engage people who don’t even know that Pitney Bowes has an approved in-house localization process; provide global resources, education and support for specific team projects; and allow individuals to pose questions and collaborate with each other about all things globalization and localization. It took time, but their Yammer group now has over 750 members. How did they do it? What have they learned? Come to this session to gain practical advice for your company.

Takeaways: We will show attendees how to create a globalization community within their company to help get their job done. Community engagement through a central platform is a great way to work as it is quick, cost effective and fun!