Cross-cultural Engagement and Transcreation

Track: Language Service Providers | LSP8 | SPLIT SESSION |
Friday, June 10, 2016, 3:30pm – 4:15pm
Held in: Wicklow Meeting Room 2
Sabina Jasinska - StoneShot
Host: Muntsa Cuchí

In today’s multichannel and multicultural environment, it is becoming increasingly challenging for brands to create engagement in all their markets as well as keep control of their brand messaging and communication assets. What can be done? We’ll discuss asset modularity, asset repatriation, global brand content experience and cross-cultural and cross-channel storytelling, as well as what can be done to generate engagement across borders. We will also review some examples of cross-cultural engagement by riding the global content experience wave, and showing how to approach the subject of transcreation effectiveness measurability and return on investment.

Takeaways: The concept of asset modularity: how campaigns have to be thought of as a collection of modular assets that will be used in different patterns across channels and language as part of the same communication wave; the concept of transcreated content conversion effectiveness or how to get some proof that our content assets are working and generating sales; introduction to the concept of transcreation research and development; and some good examples of cross-cultural engagement.