All Ears — Localization of Technical and Marketing Communications for the Cochlear Implant

Track: Global Business | Soara 8 |
同時通訳あり - Simultaneous Interpretation
Thursday, April 5, 2018, 2:30pm – 3:15pm
Held in: Soara
Stephanie Riches Harries - Cochlear, Ltd.
Host: Gary Lefman

Approximately 360 million people worldwide live with disabling hearing loss. Since the invention of the multichannel Cochlear implant and the succeeding experimental surgeries in Australia, Cochlear Ltd. is now a multinational, having helped connect 450,000+ people to the hearing world. True globalization requires effective engagement with multicultural/lingual markets; Cochlear strives to meet this challenge by localizing material for implantable hearing solution products and services into 43 languages for 100 countries. Cochlear’s pursuit to further engage with people affected by hearing loss will be explored through our localization strategies for technical and marketing communications within a highly regulated medical device industry.

Takeaways: The attendees will learn about specific localization challenges faced, and solutions attained, by a medical device company, from both the regulatory and end-user perspectives.