Face Is the New Interface

Track: Content Management | CM2 |   Everyone |
Thursday, November 7, 2019, 1:30pm – 2:15pm
Held in: Gold
Mark Walsh - Motional.ai
Host: Scott Abel

From Ratatouille to Coco, filmmakers like Disney are finding global success by researching, involving and respecting local cultures. As bots and assistants begin to require people skills and visuals, content distribution requires a similar approach to avoid insult or failure. In this session you’ll learn essential tricks to define a culturally appropriate persona for your bot, voice or visual assistant. You’ll gain insights into writing for a localized conversation and learn how to design a voice and visual that makes consumers understand, respect and even love your brand.

Takeaways: Attendees will learn to think of the bot as a brand ambassador, that feeling is the currency of any conversation and that actions speak louder than words.