Global Content Effectiveness: How to Lead Globally while Delivering Locally

Track: Preconference | |
Bruno Herrmann - Executive Advisor and Strategic Consultant 
Kristina Podnar - NativeTrust Consulting

As digital transformation and acceleration make global business more agile and challenging than ever, we must make the most of our content efforts, resources and tools. Attendees will learn how to make their content leave a strong impression, have a lasting impact and most importantly, delight their consumers.

Takeaways: In this engaging and interactive workshop, we will journey together as attendees learn what the building blocks of an effective global content strategy are; how to define, plan, implement and measure global content effectiveness; who needs to steward their content process in every organization; when is the right time to leverage structure for content; and why structure creates a framework so that people can have the freedom to achieve content objectives. Attendees will be invited to ask their own questions or share experiences so that we can brainstorm solutions and provide advice based on years of real-life experience (both good and bad projects). Discussions during this workshop will prepare attendees to return to the office ready to create, localize and deliver content globally.