Global Content Effectiveness Seminar

Track: Global Toolbox | GTB7 |
Monday, July 11, 2022, 1:00am – 4:30am
Held in: bbw Akademie für Betriebswirtschaftliche Weiterbildung GmbH
Bruno Herrmann - Executive Advisor and Strategic Consultant

Your content is your best sales agent, marketing manager, and client service executive. So, investing in the design, development, localization, and delivery of content is as strategic as it is sensitive to grow and sustain your business. During this interactive and much anticipated workshop, you will learn more about drivers, enablers, and challenges of global content effectiveness. You will understand why addressing the various content effectiveness facets matter more than ever when it comes to making or breaking customer experiences, turning content supply chains into experience value chains. As there is no content effectiveness without operational excellence you will also be able to discuss examples of operationalization of effectiveness best practices while sharing your own experiences from the business trenches.

This session has been designed for people who are deeply involved in digital globalization, global product and leadership, international marketing, and localization operations or who are at the intersection of all these areas. Therefore, it is recommended for leaders and practitioners in charge of global content operations on both the supplier and content sides, including – yet not limited to:

  • Marketing senior vice presidents, vice presidents, directors, and managers
  • International product leaders
  • Operations senior vice presidents, vice presidents, directors, and managers
  • Localization directors and managers
  • Content management directors, managers, and owners
  • Sales teams
  • Content designers, developers, and strategists

Regardless of your level and amount of experience you will take away stories, recommendations, and solutions that you will be able to implement in your own organization such as:

  • Why it is more valuable and actionable to talk about effectiveness rather than quality.
  • How to turn global content operations from a cost center into a business partner thanks to effectiveness measurement and engagement.
  • How to define and address all facets of content effectiveness for global and local markets.
  • How to build a roadmap infusing and embedding effectiveness in product and content localization.
  • Who should be leading and contributing to global content effectiveness within and outside your organization?
  • How to operationalize and productionize effectiveness to reflect and drive customer experiences.
  • Why it matters to consider content effectiveness upfront to create value by making it a competitive advantage and differentiator.
  • What cost and time effectiveness means for global content effectiveness.

This session will be held at:
bbw Akademie für Betriebswirtschaftliche
Weiterbildung GmbH
Am Schillertheater 2 | 10625 Berlin

Fees for this half-day session are €400