Where Do I Go to Keep Up with the Ever-changing Localization Industry?

Track: Keynote | K2 |
Friday, June 16, 2017, 11:30am – 12:45pm
Held in: Room F
Renato Beninatto - Nimdzi Insights 
Kathrin Bussmann - Verbaccino 
Robert Lane Greene - The Economist 
Donna Parrish - LocWorld 
Rebecca Ray - CSA Research
Moderator: Michael Stevens

The translation and localization market is changing fast — and right before our eyes. This panel discussion gathers some of the main voices that report on the market, with each discussing how they uniquely support the localization industry: their audiences, their sources and their specific approaches. How they see the way that industry participants consume information changing. Why the language industry doesn’t get more mainstream business news coverage. How the private equity movement is likely to impact and improve the perceived value of translation and localization services. What the language industry needs to do as a whole to publicize and promote innovations in language services and technology and their wider impact.

Takeaways: As we all need news and information on the industry and different perspectives, this panel discussion will provide an overview of some of the main channels and show how they work, how they report, what’s in store and how the industry at large can help.