Go Native or Go Home: The Importance of Language in Consumer Decision-making

Track: Engage Global Users | EG5 |   Everyone |
Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 5:15am – 5:45am
Held in: Main Auditorium
Gabriel Karandyšovský - Nimdzi Insights

Before discussions inevitably come to localization, businesses should be striving to understand how their end users engage with products and services. How do they buy? What is important to them? Does localization even make a difference? These are just a few of the key questions asked in a global study that assessed consumer-buyer behavior in over 80 countries. The insights uncovered, blended together with geocultural intelligence and macro-economic factors, give businesses the answers they didn’t think they needed for their go-to market strategy.

Takeaways: The data and insights presented are a small treasure trove for anyone looking to justify a bigger localization budget. Attendees will learn what matters to end users in target countries and how consumers engage with content. Walk away knowing whether you need to localize for the market you had in mind.