How a Data-driven Language Experience Supports CX and UX

Track: Engage Global Users | EG10 |
Thursday, July 30, 2020, 4:00am – 4:30am
Held in: Stream 1
Don DePalma - CSA Research 
Arle Lommel - CSA Research

Marketers strive to create the ultimate customer experience (CX). Product designers obsess about the user experience (UX). Both CX and UX are essential ingredients for success as enterprises reach out to international markets, but few companies spare more than a moment’s thought for how these will work in other languages or countries. What many businesses miss is the vital importance of engaging their global audience with content that resonates with them — not just with simple translation, but with language and symbols that convey their brand, reputation and trustworthiness. In this presentation we will address the language experience that supports the CX and UX relationships that organizations have with their ecosystem of employees, customers, constituents, partners and other participants. They draw on the Global Revenue Forecaster™, CSA Research’s dashboard that unifies more than a decade of demand- and supply-side research on global digital opportunity, the “can’t read, won’t buy” series and the internal and outsourcing organizations that enable global CX and UX with a powerful language experience. They will present insights on how to achieve a better experience and how to convey to stakeholders the value of this activity.