How Can You Fix What You Can’t See?

Track: Technical | T1 |   Everyone |
Wednesday, October 11, 2023, 9:00am – 9:30am
Held in: Cascade, Lobby Level
Lucio Gutierrez - Workday 
Olivier Libouban - Lingoport
Host: Gary Lefman

How do you get a mature 15+-year-old startup to say “yes” to internationalizing their products? Come find out how we partnered to do it. We went from no internationalization (i18n) standard to published standards, no i18n trained engineers to over 1000+ trained, no global design tools to FIGMA/MT integrations, and no way to estimate our i18n bugs and gaps to a nearly complete picture across all of our products. We considered diverse country regulations, tech stacks, different release cycles, and other ever-changing factors. Come learn how you can do it, too!

Takeaway: Attendees will learn our game plan, strategy, and approach; building blocks to help internationalize products; timing and methods of working with partners and different product development teams.