How to Shape Your Business Model to Incorporate Digital Transformation

Track: Preconference | P08 |
Wednesday, October 17, 2018, 9:00am – 12:30pm
Held in: Marina
Anna Pietruszka - Exfluency

Going through a digital transformation resembles a triathlon competition — even though it consists of multiple stages, each with a separate goal at the end, all competitors are striving toward a final success. On the way, there are numerous challenges that require optimization across the whole process. And that’s what happens when a company steps into a digital era. Ironically, human factor may be crucial while dealing with technological challenges. An “offline” element is needed to make the whole process legitimate in the eyes of your employees and empower them to embrace the technology in, so far, nondigital operations. The process itself is extremely challenging and at some point requires taking a step back — to analyze and question the digital changes that your company undergoes. That, along with the human aspect may be your key to success. During this session, you will prepare yourself to face digital transformation change in your company as we guide you through this journey during an interactive workshop, which will focus on changes incorporated into company business models in context of digital transformation.

Target Audience:

  • Business owners
  • Business executives
  • Chief strategy officers
  • Chief technology officers