Innovation Starts in Japan, Part 2

Track: TAUS | S5 |
Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 5:00pm – 5:45pm
Held in: S
Takeyoshi Nakayama - Human Science Co., Ltd. 
Cedric Wagrez - Gengo, Inc.
Host: Anne-Maj van der Meer

In the age of exponential growth that we currently live in, innovation is ubiquitous. Startups are sprouting up everywhere, all with the idea that they have discovered the technology, platform, service, process or model that covers the hole in the market we didn’t know was there yet. Many of these startups, as well as established companies coming up with new inventions, are based in Japan. In these sessions we will hear from a number of these companies. They will explain the challenges they see appearing in the market and will offer ways to solve these challenges. Learn more about translation technology with presentations from Gengo and Human Science. TAUS will start with an overview of the current translation technology landscape to set the stage.