Boot Camp: Put Your Localization Program on Autopilot

Track: Preconference | P07 |
Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 9:00am – 12:30pm
Held in: Liffey Meeting Room 3B
Andrew Lawless - Team Lawless

Imagine yourself in a work environment where you can focus on everything that truly matters in localization. All the clutter has been taken care of. No emails, no PDF reviews, no quality meetings. Instead you give all your attention to developing strategies, new product introductions and innovating your business. In this workshop you will learn your first steps to make this dream can come true for you: stop writing emails, reduce DTP work, increase quality and automate processes. At the end of this workshop you will begin an exciting journey to a truly fulfilled workplace in localization. You will understand the key solutions for a fully automated localization process from content authoring to translation, in-context review and publishing. Equally important, you will hold in your hands a road map to success.

Participants will work in groups to help each other sketch out individual solution diagrams. It is called ‘workshop’ for a reason: we want you to be off to your journey before the main conference begins. As a positive side effect, you will have already met a few key people you want to talk to during networking hours, and have identified the vendors you must see at LocWorld, including those that offer web content management systems, translation management systems, terminology management, DTP automation, project management tools, machine translation and middleware/integrations. Understand how these technologies support your goals, how they communicate with each other and what is required to make them work for you.

In the workshop sessions, you will see different types of technology that put your localization program on autopilot, and you will work with your workshop group to develop workflow solutions that are best practice.