Involvement, Collaboration, Innovation — The Approach to a Globalization Challenge

Track: Technical | T8 |   Everyone | SPLIT SESSION |
Thursday, July 30, 2020, 1:45am – 2:30am
Held in: Stream 2
Małgorzata Gembala - Precisely

In a software production environment, teams are particularly connected and dependent upon each other. Satisfying global users requires substantial collaboration among departments. An example taken from a daily assignment of a globalization manager, a hardcoded string which had demanded special attention. Four languages, four different approaches. What if we never provided the source text and present only the user interface context? This innovative technique of translation was introduced at LocWorld40. The issue turns out to be a good test case for this method. The result may be surprising. All that effort to give our international users a better experience.

Takeaways: Attendees will learn about results achieved after applying two methods of translation — the traditional and an innovative one, how to collaborate with teams in order to meet international user expectations and multichannel communication needs.