Life, Work and Play in the Times of Accelerated DigitaIization

Track: Keynote | K1 |
Thursday, June 7, 2018, 10:30am – 12:00pm
Held in: Warsaw Hall 4-5
Inma Martinez - Deep Science Ventures

Why does digitalization feel so overwhelming? Why do we feel that innovation, AI, and robotics are happening as if “all of a sudden”? Inma Martinez, an AI pioneer and according to TIME and FORTUNE, one of the top talents in the effect that digitalization plays on humans and businesses, will take the audience on a journey, exploring:

  • Why progress in the 21st century will feel not like 100 years of innovation, but more like 20,000 at the rate of acceleration that we are living today.
  • How data has become the new power tool toward automation and digital customer experiences but also false attempts to make machines think like humans.
  • Can data analytics deliver “everything” in the future?
  • How digitalization will affect LIFE:
    • Smart cities and their real, most pressing problems to solve — mental health issues and net migration of populations.
    • The Internet of Things in the “connected home” and the “connected car”. What will “connected” be in the New Digital Age and how will humans handle “off-the-grid” existence.
  • How digitalization will affect WORK: AI demystified as a tool not as an agent of job losses.
  • How digitalization will affect PLAY:
    • How will humans remain grounded amidst the digitalization forces?
    • How the human brain will become the most exciting world to discover and empower in the times of accelerated digitalization.
    • How to become more creative in our thinking, so that human thinking will prevail above machine automation.
    • How to create innovation from a human-centric perspective so that we humans build the New Digital Age fit for humans to live and thrive in it.