Go Digital, Be Human

Track: Keynote | K1 |   Conference Theme |   Everyone |
Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 10:30am – 12:00pm
Held in: Auditorium
Isabel Aguilera
  1. We are living in a multiparadoxical environment in which everything that can be digitized, will be. But those things that can’t be digitized will become increasingly important and relevant: which things, capabilities, attitudes and values are those?
  2. Adding value to customers is the name of a competitive game based on data and alliances to compete in the most cost-effective way. How do you add that value?
  3. Talent attraction and development is the passport for a limitless world of possibilities that will make the world bigger and better. How do you become a magnet for talent?
  4. Cultural transformation is the ultimate barrier that can’t be outsourced and is the core business of leaders that can be accepted for competitive and diverse generations of any age. And it is more about planet management than managing teams, a company or short- term success. Are your frameworks still useful and valid?
  5. Digital leaders are not digital. Taking a holistic approach, combining brain and heart, going fast, losing control in exchange for commitment and participation to gain the next transitional competitive advantage — what is in it for any of you?