The Language Secret — Partnering between Consumers, PE Vendors and MT Vendors

Track: Global Business | GB4 |
Thursday, April 14, 2016, 3:15pm – 4:00pm
Held in: Orion
Sung Cho - Amazon 
Jan Hajic - Charles University in Prague 
Kazumi Inagaki - IBM Japan, Ltd. 
Clio Schils - CQ fluency
Moderator: Saroj Vohra

This panel will discuss how building a strong partnership between postediting and machine translation (MT) vendors and consumers of translation services drive the best and most rapid MT quality; they will share four-plus years of building MT services for Korean, Chinese, Japanese and 25 other languages for a global enterprise. They will look at what can be generalized across languages and when custom language components are needed to drive breakthroughs. How to build a win-win relationship in sharing knowledge, skills and assets can drive optimal efficiency. How to meet the different regional needs while encouraging languages specific experimentation using analytics in the cloud.