Lean Localization Panel

Track: Core Competencies | CC3 |   Everyone |
Wednesday, October 11, 2023, 3:00pm – 3:45pm
Held in: Sierra, Lobby Level
Patrick McLoughlin - Verily Life Sciences 
Patrícia Paladini Adell - Paladini Global 
Rachel Varnergardner - Remitly
Moderator: Melissa Biggs

Are you driving a small localization team, with a mountain of incoming work and limited resources? Take heart, you may be part of a largely silent group of localizers. The lean localization operation is often the invisible puzzle piece when localization professionals address best business practices for localization. While the industry focuses on large company processes and initiatives, localization best practices for smaller teams have been neglected. The lean localization panel discussion brings new insights to address engagement models useful for lean businesses in emerging through mature and small through large, corporate organizations. The Lean localization panel is tailor-made for those localization practitioners who work outside the large resourced localization models.
Takeaways: Join our panelists, all seasoned practitioners in corporate lean localization, for fresh insights and practices for running optimal localization efforts. The panel will discuss PRS practices: Prioritization (processes and scaling), Resources (people, technology, partners), and Stakeholders — all based on actual practices used by those working with lean localization in client companies. We’ll discuss challenges to successful lean models as well as key best practice takeaways. The lean localization session is focused on you, the localization driver with a lean charter.