Life Sciences Business Round Table
Track: Preconference | P01 |
Special Registration Requirement
Wednesday, November 1, 2017, 9:00am – 12:30pm 
Wednesday, November 1, 2017, 1:30pm – 5:00pm
Held in: Winchester
Shannon Rose Farrell-Jackson - Argos Multilingual 
Dan Koenig - Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Moderator: Clio Schils

In the world of translation and localization, the life sciences sector is different from any other industry because of the unique and specific nature of its requirements. With regulations changing on a continual basis, a premium is placed on quality above all else. For our Life Sciences Business Round Table in Silicon Valley, we are delighted to offer a stellar program with a particular focus on the challenges of life sciences localization. In this discussion forum, subject matter experts including clients and vendors will be presenting and sharing their thoughts and experiences on specific processes, as well as discussing the market entrance requirements and challenges in the life sciences industry in general.

Clients, vendors and life science professionals from other disciplines are welcome to participate in this session. However, vendor participation is limited and subject to screening. If you would like to participate in this round table, please contact Clio Schils to obtain the admission code necessary for registration.

Advisory Board Members: Simon Andriesen (MediLingua), Brigitte Herrmann (Siemens Healthcare), Sandra La Brasca (AMPLEXOR), Frank Lin (Becton, Dickinson and Company) and Clio Schils (Commit).