Life Sciences in Times of a Pandemic

Track: Global Business | GB14 |
Thursday, June 10, 2021, 4:15pm – 5:00pm
Held in: Jujama 1
Richard Korn - Medtronic 
Clio Schils - CQ fluency

In times of a pandemic, shift happens, and rules may change! In this session, we will share the journey of two industry professionals along their path of several life sciences industries. In an interview setting, they will address questions to each other about the characteristics of these specific verticals, their current state of affairs, and the increased scrutiny on regulatory compliance. Last but in no way least, they will address the tremendous impact that Covid-19 has had on the life sciences industry, how these businesses are shifting gears to anticipate the transformed rules of the game, and ultimately how this new world impacts and offers opportunities for localization providers.

Takeaways: Attendees will gain more insight about the life sciences industries, their priorities and challenges, the impact of Covid and opportunities for themselves as language service providers.