Localization in Healthcare: Taking Complexity Up a Notch

Track: Global Content Management | GCM1 |   Everyone |
Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 1:15am – 1:45am
Held in: Stream 2
Rahel Anne Bailie - Content, Seriously

Organizations consistently underestimate the complexities of localizing content. Deliver 350,000 words in two weeks? Sure! Calculate the cost by using last year’s word count and add 10%? Why not? Use a budget translation management system and hope it will do what we need? After all, what could possibly go wrong? The answer is that lots of things could go wrong, and often do. It’s hard enough to work through a “typical” localization project, but add one or more complicating factors into the mix, and the potential for a project to go off the rails grows exponentially. Localization in healthcare is a particularly challenging endeavor. Aside from the obvious linguistic variances, you need to be able to compensate for differences in culture, medical practices, availability of medical facilities, epidemiology models and regulatory compliance. You need to be able to serve up content for different audiences in different countries for different clients in an ever-changing set of apps. Combine this with dynamic delivery into a series of apps, driven by artificial intelligence and you have a set of requirements with great complexity.