Localization Solutions for Continuous Delivery

Track: Advanced Localization Management | AL7 |
同声传译 – Simultaneous Interpretation
Thursday, March 2, 2017, 2:15pm – 3:15pm
Held in: Hawaii
James Wei - EC Innovations, Inc.
Host: Peng Wang

Continuous delivery enables companies to shorten time-to-market, reduce risk and costs, develop better products and is widely adopted by the clients of our industry. As a language service provider, it is important to provide matched localization solutions to support our clients to grow business in a multinational market. This presentation will introduce localization solutions to support client’s global continuous delivery from the angles of job assignment (from clients to translators) workflow automation, linguist evaluation and assignment, imbedded translation quality assurance, payment, capacity scalability, IT architecture and operational business intelligence support.

Takeaways: Attendees will hear new views and solutions to meet client’s new requirements.